Exdion EDGE Platform Automates Insurance Broker Policy Life Cycle - TechDecisions

The Exdion EDGE platform includes:

  • Exdion POLICY CHECK: The product analyzes insurance policies, carrier quotes, limits, exclusions, and all policy language to identify and correct errors and omissions.
  • Exdion QCOMP: QCOMP automatically compares multiple carrier coverage quotes with the broker's insurance proposal.
  • Exdion QREV: QREV analyzes carriers quotes and recommends the best quote that meets customer's identified needs and requirements.
  • Exdion RNU: RNU automates the renewal process that begins 120 days prior to the renewal date.
  • Exdion DATA: DATA extracts important unstructured data from policies, carrier quotes, proposals, and ACORD forms for higher level analytics.
  • Exdion CCR: CCR is a contract compliance review that focuses on certificate issues and other related insurance policy documents. The Exdion EDGE platform offers brokers these unique benefits:
    • Lowers agency expense costs; improves agency efficiencies and increases employee productivity.

source: https://mytechdecisions.com/latest-news/exdion-edge-platform-automates-insurance-broker-policy-life-cycle/

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