Texas Tech Alumna Reflects on Her Last Year Since Graduation - News/Talk 790 KFYO

I decided to take some time to sit back and really look at how my life has changed recently. Where are the downs? Well, all of the stress of the pandemic, job hunting, and trying to decide what direction I wanted to go with my life, lead me to a mental decline that put me back in therapy for the first time in years.

I will say, in all my time dealing with mental illness, I have never viewed needing therapy as a bad thing.

I didn't know if I would be staying in Lubbock, what exactly I wanted to do for work, or if I would even be able to find a job at all in a time when many businesses were shut down.

I wanted to reflect on that time now I am at another major change in my life.

I am moving into an apartment on my own for the first time, and I am once again a ball of stress. If you are currently going through a big change, a hard time, or anything of the sort, you will make it through.

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