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The uncertain times of today can be difficult for almost everyone to process. It is not unusual, hence, for people today to look for clarity in their dealings. Even the smallest advice and clarity from recognized psychic professional can come as a ray of bright light and can lead you to a better future.

Online psychic readings have popped up as the ideal solution for people today. Online psychic readings tend to either confirm what we already do, provide us with a completely new viewpoint of things that we may not have considered or assist us in making adjustments where we deem necessary.

The world of psychic readings has developed by leaps and bounds recently due to the recent progression around us. We now have a number of people going for psychic readings to find clarity in their dealings and to open doors that they previously thought were locked.

We recognize that while online psychic readings and online psychics have made the experience extremely convenient, there are a lot of fraudsters operating online. It is necessary that you find the right website and work with one that you can trust and count on.

Not every service online is the same, and you need to be extra careful sharing your financial credentials online. Here we mention our top recommendations for the five best psychic platforms and online psychics that you can go to for accurate psychic readings and the best possible pricing.

Reviewing the Top Psychic Reading Platforms

As mentioned in our intro, the world of psychic reading is progressing forward at a rapid pace. We now review some of the best psychic reading platforms to help give you the clarity you require while going through options online. We hope these options meet your requirements and give you a chance to get the financial, personal or professional clarity you need for the future.

  • Kasamba comes with years of experience and has highly reliable & accurate psychic readers.
  • Your first few minutes reading session on Kasamba is for free.
  • Kasamba comes with a mobile application to make the experience faster.

  • Known and trusted for experience
  • Free trial session
  • Convenient rates

  • A renowned platform with well-trained psychic readers
  • Five-minute free session for the first time
  • 80 percent discount on promo code

  • Enjoy free sessions
  • Goes by your budgets
  • Contemporary design
  • Offers different psychic readings including love readings, angel readings, energy healing and much more.
  • The website is easy to get through.
  • The sign-up process is fairly easy

  • Convenient rates
  • All user questions and concerns are covered during the meeting
  • Elaborate reviews
  • Convenient rates

Elaborate Reviews of Our Top Picks

The world of online psychic platforms has opened new doors for customers to come through and get a psychic reading of your choice. The best part about the platform is that you can decide upon a reading of your choice and then go for it. There are tons of psychic readers available online, who can guide you to the best possible psychic reading.

We now elaborate on the psychic platforms we discussed briefly above to give you an elaborate scoop on what to expect from the online world.

Kasamba is, without a semblance of doubt, one of the most trusted and reliable psychic reading platforms available online. The platform is known for its amazing services and has constantly been hitting the bar for over 22 years now. Kasamba first started operations with the aim to leverage two growing industries and has done exactly that over its 22 years of experience.

Kasamba is the platform to head to if you want the services of a reliable psychic who can help you open the right doors in life. The platform comes with extensive experience and will help you find the best psychics in your region, near you.

The chat psychics present at Kasamba have experience pulling people out of their dark times and helping them see the light around them.

Almost all psychic experts on the platform come with years of experience, regardless of whether they have been working at Kasamba or have come from elsewhere to join the team. Kasamba has a detailed screening process for psychics and sticks to it regardless of the demand for psychic experts.

There are times you might feel that life is becoming too complicated to handle anymore. This is just the time when you head to a psychic expert and allow them to guide you to the light of the future.

Kasamba has some of the most reassuring psychic experts who will help steady your ship and guide you forward. The platform also comes with a mobile application that can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. Once you download that application, you can conveniently find daily horoscopes and even get consultations with the right psychic experts without a hassle whatsoever.

Kasamba features both psychics in and around your region and psychics located across the globe. You can work with the psychic you best understand to get a hang of their services and find clarity in your own life.

Kasamba is mostly known for its love psychics. The platform has an amazing list of love psychics who understand your concerns and make sure that they are met in the long run. The love psychics on the platform can help you move on from toxic relationships and open new doors into the future. You get to initiate strong bonds based on the guidance you receive here.

Key Features:

  • Comes with over 4,000,000 satisfied users.
  • The platform offers a decent introductory rate.
  • It has a number of top rated psychics.
  • There is a 100 percent return on offer for customers that don’t like the services.
  • The financial pathways are safe and clear.
  • There is a mobile application that you can download and use.
  • The platform comes with 22 years of experience.
  • Experienced psychics that help you learn more about complications in love and life
  • The platform comes with a full refund option if the customer feels like the service wasn’t up to their standard.
  • Customers can speak to a psychic of their choice at any given time. You set the time and schedule based on your preferences.
  • The rates are convenient.
  • Offers different psychic readings including love readings, angel readings, energy healing and much more.

Keen Psychics has over two decades of experience – almost 22 years to be precise – and is one of the most popular psychic providers in the market today. The platform has a wide variety of online psychic readers available on it to help guide users to the clarity they require. Whether you want to talk to local psychics, love psychics, chat psychics, call psychics or live psychics, you can find the right fit on the platforms.

Most users online have concerns about their sensitive personal or financial data being leaked online. The best way to tackle this concern is by working with a website that gives you the required security you require online.

Keen Psychics give you just that with their 100 percent confidential record. All customer details are kept confidential, especially their financial data. Life is full of complicated challenges and difficulties. These challenges can often tear us apart and make us even fearful of what the future holds for us. Regardless of whether we are looking for a job in our industry, thinking of persisting with a relationship or looking for love, a session with an online psychic can help open doors that we previously thought were closed. With the help of Keen Psychics, individuals can find the right psychic that too at an excellent price.

Keen Psychic operates with a preference to make online readings affordable and convenient for almost everyone. This is solely why it has been functional for over 22 years now and is still a trusted name in the industry. The availability of different psychic reading options ensures that you can get a psychic reading literally everywhere you go. Regardless of where you are or where you go, all you need to have is an active network connection to connect with your psychic reader on the platform.

Keen Psychic is known for their extensive . The love psychics at Keen are some of the best in business and can help you find love in places that you least expect. The online psychics come with years of experience and know just how to build your trust in matters of the heart.

Key Features

  • Keeps your data and information personal through its 100 percent confidentiality guarantee.
  • The platform is reliable and famous for its amazing love readings.
  • The platform has over 1,500 psychic readers working within it
  • All new customers get to benefit from a 10 minute trial that is priced at a convenient rate less than $2 for each minute.
  • The sign up process is simple and does not require much information.
  • The psychics in the platform add clarity to your perspective and assure you of the future.
  • You can look at problems with a newer perspective based on fresh insight.
  • The love readings offered by love psychics here help your relationship grow.
  • The platform comes with its own mobile application.
  • Has the best psychics working within
  • Builds perception that happiness is a gift that you should cherish.

It has been 30 years since Psychic Source was first formed in the early 1990s. The website, and the surrounding technology, have come a long way since then. Psychic Source has been host to the digital revolution and operates as a visionary in the psychic reading domain of today. The platform has worked tirelessly ever since its inception to make online readings more common for everyone involved.

Regardless of whether you want a psychic reading for the future, or you just want some insights into whether a course of action is good for you or not, the psychics at Psychic Source can come in handy for your information. Psychic Source gives all users a convenient mobile application that can make psychic readings easier to understand for all.

Both the website and the mobile application come with the right adjustments required to find the best psychic reader for your needs. Psychic Source is the perfect option for you if you want a psychic reader who can help you make adjustments in your life.

Almost all psychics at Psychic Source come with their own profiles, which can help you find the right psychic for your requirements. The platform comes with a strong network of some of the best psychic readers online, which can help you connect with the right expert and get a reading of your choice.

Key Features

  • Born 30 years ago, Psychic source comes with vast experience
  • The platform has the right personnel to help users realize the preciousness of each moment.
  • The readings are priced conveniently for everyone
  • The platform is known for its financial and career forecasts
  • The platform has a detailed review process when it comes to including psychic readers on it. All readers have to go through the detailed process to be able to work on it.
  • The psychic readers include some of the most renowned professionals from over the globe.
  • All new users get discounted rates when they first sign-up
  • The platform gives you a full 100 percent satisfaction rate
  • The platform comes with a number of informative articles, videos and podcasts to help you get the right information.
  • Psychics use the phone, chat and video consultation options to talk to clients

Mystic sense is one of the more contemporary psychic reading websites available online. The website comes with authentic readings and includes online psychics and hosts from almost all countries across the globe. The good thing about the platform is that since it is relatively new, the design is state of the art and features an interactive UI.

While Mystic Sense is not as old as some of the other platforms reviewed in this article, this in no way means that it is less than the others in any way. The platform is extremely easy to operate and comes with a well-organized menu for users to go through the different features and find something that befits their needs.

We feel that the contemporary design makes this one of the best online psychic platforms going around. The platform comes with a 24/7 customer support hotline that can help recommend the best psychics in different categories if you don’t have the time to go through each category separately. The customer support representative will run you through the best and most recommend psychic readers on their platform and guide you to the right option.

If you are planning in advance, you will love to see the planning in advance feature on the website. The feature allows you to book a slot in advance and go for a psychic within your range. The platform offers you a simple solution for booking your consultation. You can head to an online psychic’s profile, see their calendar for the upcoming dates and book a simple appointment with them based on your own schedule.

Mystic Sense is very similar to other platforms on this list when it comes to design and functionality. The best part about the platform is that it provides free updates on authentic daily horoscopes to every user. They also follow a detailed process for recognizing mystic experts on their platform. All psychic reading experts have to go through an elongated hiring procedure to finally start working on the platform.

Life has its own moments of ups and downs. There are times when things don’t go the way that we expect them to go. In such situations and moments, a psychic reader from Mystic Sense can help guide you to clarity in the kind of security you need in life. The psychic readers on the platform have expertise in almost everything under the sun of psychic reading and ensure that you are given authentic readings for the future.

Key Features

  • Mystic Sense is an advanced psychic reading platform that includes some of the most experienced and renowned psychic readers working in the industry. The platform has a network of phone psychics, chat psychics, live psychics, real psychics and local psychics. You can choose one based on your preferences.
  • The platform comes with advanced filters and support from the customer service representatives. This advanced feasibility allows you to get in touch with the right person of your choice without wasting anymore time.
  • All new joiners on the platform get a free trial for three minutes. The three minutes are enough to give you an idea of the services coming your way and what you can expect from them.
  • The platform comes with a full refund option if the customer feels like the service wasn’t up to their standard.
  • Customers can speak to a psychic of their choice at any given time. You set the time and schedule based on your preferences.
  • The rates are convenient.
  • Offers different psychic readings including love readings, angel readings, energy healing and much more.
  • The website is easy to get through.
  • The sign-up process is fairly easy
  • The online psychics are available in real time and follow the schedule that you set for them.
  • You get to check free daily horoscopes

The last entry on our list is that of California Psychics. The platform has been around for quite some time now and is known for its authentic readings since 1995. The website helps people in distress and grief and provides them with authentic psychic readings to help them through the complicated phase.

If you are going through a period of stress, anxiety or grief, you can head to the platform and benefit from the amazing psychic reading solutions they have on offer. The chat psychic reading options they provide are amazing and will help you get the surety you want at a discounted rate.

When it comes to online psychic readings, many people are skeptical about the money they spend online. However, with the quality of psychics available at California Psychics, you can rest assured knowing that your money will be put to good use. The best part about the psychic reading platform is that they have an authentic 100 percent return guarantee available on all transactions.

If you don’t like the service provided on the website, you can benefit from their 100 percent return guarantee.

Life can be too tough to handle at times. There are times when we find ourselves stuck on one problem after the other. California Psychics can come in handy here as it gives you the qualified, cheap and reliable psychic assistance you need to come on top of your problems here. The guidance provided by psychic readers on the platform can help you surpass a number of complicated hurdles in life.

The psychic reading platform also comes with a mobile application to make mobile readings possible. This way, you get to be connected with a psychic expert, regardless of where you are. You just need an active internet connection to connect your phone and start your next psychic reading session.

California Psychic is similar to Psychic Source and is famous for its career and financial advice. Experts on the platform help you move past the challenges in life to excel in your career.

Key Features:

  • California Psychics was founded back in 1995 and has since then bossed the internet.
  • The psychic platform has experienced psychic readers with years of experience.
  • The users on the platform can gain actionable insight into the future
  • All new joiners get an amazing discount that they can enjoy
  • The platform has an amazing hiring policy in place that can screen away all potential con artists who don’t have sufficient experience in psychic reading
  • The mobile application is a nice addition to help you get psychic readings on the go
  • The platform charges a minimal rate, which is sufficient to finance for most users.
  • The costs on the site remain under $3 per minute for most readings.
  • There are multiple modalities including live psychics, chat psychics and phone psychics

How We Made Our List

With the drastic increase in the number of psychic reading platforms and online psychic readers it has become really difficult for customers to find an accurate psychic reading solution that they can trust.

However, the complications in finding a psychic reading solution you can trust can easily be remedied if you go for the right tips and examine some small details during the search process.

We followed a unique search style while shortlisting our options, and you can do the same as well to benefit in the long run.

When finding an internet psychic reading platform, the first thing you have to check is the compatibility provided by the platform. The platform should be compatible and should give you the kind of solutions you require. Another thing all users should remember to do during the search process is to go through the experience past users had before them and base their understanding of the platform on their reviews.

If you are about to pay money to a phony internet psychic on a phony website, reviews of them online will help warn you before things really get out of your hand. Hence, the best thing to do is to read reviews online and to find whether the psychic you are about to pay for is in fact legit and someone that can be trusted or not.

In the current age of the internet, you will find it relatively easy to get your hands on genuine reviews that can be trusted. You will want to find reviews that you can trust and that lead you to the right psychic reading platform.

It is extremely essential that you conduct your independent review of all psychic reading services online first and then decide on the best platform that fits your requirements.

Our researchers followed the same protocols when it came to finding the best and most authentic psychic readers on the internet. We went through a lot of hassle to make sure that only true psychic reading platforms are added to the list. Hence, you can rest assured that if a psychic reading platform made it to our list, it is in fact trustworthy and can be trusted.

Your Guide to Online Psychic Reading

When it comes to online psychic reading, customers and individuals should know the required details. Just like you would want to know details about a product or service before you start using it, you would want to know the necessary details before you work with an online psychic.

In this section, we mention some of the necessary details that you shouldn’t skip when shortlisting the perfect psychic reading expert for your needs. Some of these details include:

Trial Minutes

You must be in luck if you find a trustworthy psychic reading platform online offering trial minutes to you. Most psychic reading platforms understand that users have their own qualms before they come in for a psychic reading. Because of these reservations, they might find it hard to actually pay for the service even after finding some interest in it.

Hence, to help customers run the last mile, platforms offer free trial minutes. These free trial minutes offer 3 to 10 minutes off on the first psychic reading taken by a new customer. The time off means that the customer can get an understanding of the psychic reading method and determine whether it is actually the right fit for them. The customer can wish to continue the reading after the first trial period, if they find the reading helpful and find it worthy of spending money.

Methods of Contact

Online psychic readings offer different methods of contact for psychic readers to connect with their customers. These methods of contacts usually include chat, phone or video. As a customer you get to decide which method of contact you are most comfortable with, so that you can go with that option.

Some users have call anxiety, which is why it is recommended that they go for a chat reading. Others that are okay with speaking on call can go for a call reading. While, finally users that want a heightened mode of interaction can go for a video call reading. Regardless of the mode of contact that you choose, the actual things discussed in the meeting matter more.

Years of Experience

Three of the psychic reading platforms that we have mentioned in our article happen to have over 2 decades of experience in the psychic reading industry. These online psychic readers have been in the industry for decades and have proved their mettle through the authenticity in their readings, the transparency in their financial dealings and their regard for customers.

However, there are certain new psychics as well that have left a lasting impression. Mystic Sense, for instance, is a rather new psychic reading platform, but has left a lasting impression on all users that have come across it. So, while experience and other factors matter, there is nothing more important that regard for customers.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Almost all of the psychic reading platforms that we have reviewed in this article offer some sort of guarantee to the user. This guarantee can come in different shapes and forms. Sometimes it is available in the form of a cashback guarantee and other times it is available in website credit.

There are some psychic reading websites that don’t provide guaranteed satisfaction. We will, however, want you to go for platforms that offer some sort of guarantee and cover your needs.

Online psychic readers give users the kind of clarity and authenticity they require in their life. These experts can help you find answers to problems in your life and take those solutions forward for clarity. If you feel you need some clarity for the future, you can always head to some of these sites for answers.


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