Erie tarot card reader helps others through psychic abilities -

Mel Register has considered herself the black sheep of her family for as long as she can remember.

She was seen as the "weird kid" in school, but it didn't occur to her until much later that her oddities were something worth embracing.

"I’ve always looked at it as a negative, but I decided I was going to turn it into a positive and use it to help people," Register said. "By doing that I found out that’s my path and purpose."

Register, 32, discovered she was a psychic empath, a person highly attuned to the feelings and emotions of those around them without a person verbally telling what they are thinking and feeling.

"It’s very draining being the kind of person I am," the Erie resident said. "I get nauseous just being around the crowds of people with all of their different energies because ... you kind of suck everyone’s energy to you."

Despite the occasional discomfort Register endures, she's learned to use her "spiritual gift" in a positive way to benefit others.

"When I embraced it and let go of, 'Oh this is so horrible, why does it have to be me?' and thought, 'Well maybe this is what I’m meant to do,' I started realizing I have a little better control of whose energy I let in," she said. "It’s tough, but I’ve learned to deal with it."

Answering her calling

About 10 years ago, Register realized she could render her ability better with the assistance of tarot cards, which are used to give guidance in a person's life.

"When I'm getting the messages from wherever I’m getting them from it happens all at once, it’s like a shockwave," she said. "As a human I can’t decipher all that information at once, so it helps to have the time to lay out cards."

By practicing readings on family and friends, Register realized she could accurately interpret a person's energy.

"I was amazed I was that good at it," she said. "For a long time growing up I thought this stuff was a scam and now I'm doing it and proving those people who told me this was a scam or evil, wrong."

It wasn't until losing her hairstyling job due to COVID-19 that Register took a chance and started her business, Mystic Mel's Tarot and Healing, in April 2020.

How it works

Register has performed various types of readings for clients, the most common about romantic relationships, but she also does readings about finances and a person's purpose.

She runs her business out of the sunroom attached to her home. When her client arrives, the aroma of incense and soothing music greets them.

"It’s not a big show, I don’t come to the door in a big gown and headpiece," Register said. "I’m just in jeans and a t-shirt. This is how I meet with people and show them that I'm a real person because it helps them be more comfortable a lot of the time."

When Register knows her client is comfortable, she begins to visualize their energy and turns to her decks of tarot cards, pulling from several different decks to make sense of the message she's attempting to relay.

"The cards are telling one version of the future because energy can always change depending on someone’s choices," she said. "It’s the current energy, right now, based on the perceived choices you’re going to make. But if you do the slightest thing different it could alter that."

A common misconception about tarot cards is that there are "good" and "bad" cards, but Register believes any card can be interpreted as negative or positive.

"A lot of people assume the death card means they’re going to die, but it doesn’t, it means something in their life is ending, like an ending of a job for something new," she said. "It’s the opportunity for something better."

Register has dealt with skeptics of her work but says she's been able to change their mind every time she does a reading for one.

"Psychics don’t know everything about you the second they see you or hear your voice, it’s just what the universe wants me to know about a person," she said. "And that doesn’t mean I’ll know your whole life story just from talking to you. It’s a two-way street."

'A gift from God'

Register doesn't limit herself to only doing tarot, but offers several other healing and guidance services to clients as well.

A popular service during the month of October is her Spirit Talks, which allows Register to connect with dead loved ones.

"At Halloween that’s what I call it because the spirit is talking to me. Those connections are a lot more draining than a regular reading," she said. "I’d think I'd be fully booked in October, but I guess the people who are drawn to me can see it’s not spooky, it’s real and it’s more of an emotional thing."

She also practices reiki, which includes all types of energy clearing and healing. For this particular service, Register will sometimes teach clients how to perform reiki on their own.

Register doesn't want clients to continue coming to her if she can give them the tools to heal themselves. It's all part of her life's purpose of helping others.

"The reason I do it is because it was a gift from God and I don’t want to waste it," she said. "If I’m able to use this ability I have for good, then that’s what I’m going to do."

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