DataBank announces expansion to existing facility in Kansas City - DatacenterDynamics

DataBank has announced the expansion of its KC3 facility in Kansas City, Kansas.

The company said it is building out Data Halls 2 and 3 at the facility; the project adds 9,300 sq ft (863 sqm) in Data Hall 2, and 8,050 sq ft (748 sqm) in Data Hall 3, as well as an additional 2MW of capacity to the building. The expansion will triple the sellable white space across the entire facility.

“Kansas City is a market where we have demand and we're looking to max out that facility by building out the other two data halls,” said Tony Qorri, vice president of construction for DataBank.

DataBank first announced KC3 in 2018. The facility is located at 11200 Lakeview Ave in the Lenexa suburb and sits adjacent to its KC1 data center in the Southlake business park.

The company has been on an upgrade spree since it recently raised more than $750 million in secure revenue notes, adding more than 85,000 sq ft (8,000 sqm) and 12MW of capacity to its locations.

Since the raise the company has announced expansions to existing data centers in Plano, Texas; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; twice in Salt Lake City, Utah; and Indianapolis, Indiana. It has also acquired a warehouse in Denver to convert into a data center, broken ground on another facility in Utah, and acquired a former Verizon data center in Orangeburg, New York.

Tim Flynn, regional vice president of midwest sales for DataBank, added: "DataBank has been a foundational business partner in the Kansas City tech community. This expansion demonstrates our commitment to the market and belief in its vitality today and in the future.”


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