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If only there was a way for us to have a sneak peek at our future and see how our life develops. Whether we are going to find our true love, accomplish our goals and have a splendid career. Even the smallest decisions in our lives can have a great impact on future happenings, but how do we know which steps we should take to lead us to ultimate happiness?

There is an answer to all of that, and you can get it from a spiritual guide who is skilled in conveying those types of messages so you can remove all your doubts and ambiguities. People have relied on the intuitive powers of soothsayers since the beginning of time, and the sites have been one of the most popular and accurate ways of getting your fortune told today.

Nowadays, with technology’s advances, everything is available for use at the peak of our hands, even psychic readings. There are lots of psychic reading sites where you can get answers regarding your life problems, moreover for pretty favorable prices.

But how do you know which one of them is real to put your trust on? That’s our job here to bring you the most trusted best online tarot reading sites that will provide you with the guidance you need.

Top 5 Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites For Future Prediction:

  1. – Overall Best Online Tarot Card Reading Site
  2. – 100% Accurate Tarot Card Readings For Love Life
  3. – Best Tarot Deck For Every Level Of Reader
  4. – Best Tarot Card Reading Service Online
  5. – Perfect For Psychic Readings On Career And Financials

#1. – Overall Best Online Tarot Card Reading Site


With its huge selection of psychics available and for competitive prices, checks all the boxes when it comes to the best online tarot readings sites available. The leader of the fortune-telling world offers free psychic readings through the first three minutes of free reading, unlike other tarot reading online sites, which come with a limit.

With its 20 years of experience in the business, Kasamba features many advisors from all areas of life. You can choose across a wide range of psychic readings like astrology, palm readings, runes, and of course, tarot.

What Do We Love About Kasamba?

What to expect from choosing Kasamba? A highly accurate psychic reading from experts and the best online tarot card readers at affordable price ranges too. There are a lot of readers that offer love, relationship, career, and other types of readings.

But there is more to amaze you. With every psychic you try, you’ll get a free 3 minutes of tarot reading session. The only thing that Kasamba lacks is the live video chat readings; however, the skill and expertise that each psychic possesses are more than enough for you to get the most accurate readings online.

Finding the right reader on Kasamba is simple because there is a page dedicated to reliable tarot card readers that allow visitors to filter the experts according to numerous criteria. Customers can clearly judge from the reviews and testimonials on the psychics’ profiles and pick a reader based on their personal experience.

Also, there are a variety of communication methods available, just as there are different types of counselors to choose from. also includes a number of exclusive offers that add to the allure of using this psychic platform. Newcomers get the first free tarot reading session minutes of their reading for free to test whether the psychic of their choice applies to their preferences.


  • Wide range of advisors to choose from
  • 20 years of experience on the market
  • Reading available both via online chat and call
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Platform available 24/7 even on holidays
  • Safe and secure payment options


  • Only members can have access to the mobile services

Customers Experience

Users that are new to the online tarot readings and want to have the best experience, should definitely choose Kasamba since this site has one of the most professional readers in this field.

The readers specialize in various different decks and methods of readings to ensure that you find the right guidance. With a client base of over 3 million users, it’s more than safe to say that Kasamba is the most professional service in the fortune-telling world.

#2. – 100% Accurate Tarot Card Readings For Love Life


is a trustworthy platform for the best online tarot readings since its reliable, honest, and customer focus. In the late 1990s, on the cusp of the millennium, they opened their virtual doors to the rest of the world. This gives them an advantage over other services because it has spent decades developing the art of online tarot readings.

With a diverse selection of mystic services, Keen keeps everyone engaged and educated. Love tarot readings, angel card readings, crystal healing, astrology, numerology, pendulums, and other psychic readings are among the most popular on the site. You can have a specific divination technique or combination of psychic reading approaches.

What Do We Love About Keen?

Keen specialized in having an exceptionally distinctive range of psychics with expertise in various ways. This is a great way to choose the advisor according to their level of expertise or overall good impression. Additionally, the website has filters that you can use to find the psychic suiting your liking.

The site is pretty easy to navigate through the filters that you can use to adjust your budget and choose those appropriate to your specifications. You won’t have to worry about any psychics being frauds or scammers since all of them have a strict vetting process meant to keep such people out.

Once you sign in to their online services, you’ll get the first consultation for free. After that, you’ll be charged the initial price. You can get your consultation either via chat or phone call.

also offers you complete anonymously going extra lengths to protect your identity even from your readers. Meaning the psychic cannot see your number even if they have a caller ID. The transactions are also anonymous and are processed through secure channels.


  • Millions of positive reviews from happy customers
  • The first three free tarot reading minutes of consultation


  • Pricier than other sites

Customers Experience

Customers love the website because of how simple everything works. Staring from the vast number of consultants available, and types of reading for every customer’s liking.

Moreover, you can get a reading by completing a form anonymously with highly secured methods. The platform has several advantages to new customers to always feel confident enough that they will get the most of their experience.

Another thing that makes Kasamba live to its reputation is the reliable source of information on its blog. Those users who have tried various other psychic reading sites claim that Kasamba is one among the few that provides such a diverse set of internet services. Their best online tarot card readings are among the best, and the customer service is always happy to assist you while picking the best option according to your needs.

#3. – Best Tarot Deck For Every Level Of Reader


is one of the finest performing psychic reading sites around with over a decade of experience. The years of expertise accompanied by the psychics’ excellence in the tarot card reading session and overall clients’ happiness contributed to the site’s rise to the top in the fortune-telling world.

Like any other psychic service in our reviews, AskNow goes the extra mile when it comes to the selection of advisors, as they use a strict vetting process to prove their authenticity. With that on hand, there is little to no chance that you won’t have a pleasant experience using their service.

Otherwise, since AskNow is highly dedicated to their customer’s happiness; they give you the opportunity to end your reading session within the first five free tarot reading minutes if you find that you and your psychics didn’t develop the right connection.

What Do We Love About AskNow?

The site offers quite an impressive variety of readers and reading options. Love and relationships, money concerns, future telling of spiritual well-being, astrology, and numerology are all popular online tarot readings themes. Most importantly, the readings are organized into categories to help visitors discover exactly what they are looking for.

They have different levels of practitioners, including the master, elite and top-rated. The master advisors have the highest experience and the best ratings starting at $13 per minute. However, top-rated advisors have the highest number of reviews and start at just $3,99 per minute.

allows you to choose the preferred method of communication, so you can choose whether you want your reading to be held through phone or chat. Also, you can filter through the pricing to choose what suits your budget the most. AskNow is one of the few sites that have bilingual readers that can give readings both in English and Spanish.

What’s even better is that the brand has some free features, including daily horoscopes and a fantastic blog that contains information about personal problems and different types of psychics practices and health tips.


  • Readings at just $1 per minute with a free five-minute bonus
  • Available services 24/7
  • Readings are offered both in English and Spanish
  • Chat and phone communication options


  • Free online tarot reading applies just for the first session

Customers Experience

This company has one of the highest rates from users who go to the site and love tarot reading. The effective modes of communication are what put AskNow ahead of other sites. Users have reported that the readings were highly accurate and made a significant impact on their lives.

Other features that put AskNow into an advantage over other sites are the easy and comprehensive navigation even for those tech-savvy users and the secure payment methods providing complete anonymity and discrecy.

#4. – Best Tarot Card Reading Service Online


If you are looking for distinctive types of best online tarot card reading, is the right place. This platform specializes in providing live video readings by connecting users with a network of psychics through live sessions available 24 hours a day.

Oranum brings to you the most skilled clairvoyants, astrologers, dream interpreters, fortune tellers, tarot card readers, and psychics. The strongest assets are their selection methods that include detailed screening to choose only those with excellent intuition and real powers. No matter what your interest or need is, you will undoubtedly discover a genuine spiritual connection with them.

What Do We Love About Oranum?

You can get the most of the online tarot readings since Oraym specializes in psychic, spiritual, and astrological reviews with their ten years of experience. You can get free sessions and private sessions of psychic readings and free access to videos, premium videos, and subscriptions. Also, the site offers surprise sessions which is a fun feature that you must discover.

All readings are done via a live communication platform where you can clearly see and speak with your psychic. This will enable you to strike a better rapport and feel that you two are interacting in person. You can also see the cards being read in front of you and clearly see the expressions on the face of your reader, giving the advantage of far more accurate readings than other options.

will provide you with credits worth $9,99 to test the services and see how the interaction goes. However, Oranum has two alternatives available: private and broadcast sessions, where you can communicate with the reader through credit coins before you proceed with the whole session.


  • First 10 minutes for free for the new users
  • Wide range of filters and specializations available
  • Free 9,99 free credits on the initial sign up
  • Hundreds of psychics at your disposal
  • Free blog with content about psychic arts


  • Some of the filter navigation can be a bit confusing

Customers Experience

Oranum is mostly recommended for those customers who prefer a face-to-face tarot card session since they are undoubtedly more enjoyable than other methods, giving you the advantage to connect with your psycho on a more profound level. Customers expressed great satisfaction about these types of readings for being very accurate and enjoyable.

Oranum is ideal for all those who wish to be entirely sure about psychics abilities before approaching to ask their question. Another great feature that has gained positive review is the possibility to chat with your psychic before the start of the session so you can establish the connection and feel at complete ease before you open about your heart matters.

#5. – Perfect For Psychic Readings On Career And Financials


If you are a tarot enthusiast, you have come to the right place. is an outstanding platform that hosts a multitude of psychic services with tarot card reading as their main and most adored feature among users. You can choose from a surprisingly abundant variety of online tarot readers and get a consultation through a mode of your choice.

Mysticsense has taken the fortune-telling word a step further, bringing you the culturally diverse psychics to use, meaning they will offer genuine insight at reasonably affordable prices. You can get your reading every time and everywhere, either through video, phone calls, webchat, or even SMS text. The signup process takes only 5 minutes, and you are ready to have your reading even on the go.

What Do We Love About Mysticsense?

Mysticsense’ platform provides an excellent user experience with several categories to pick. For example, after picking online tarot readings, you may filter the advisor to limit down the results. You can navigate through depending on their current status, ratings, specialties, and future reading style. You can also select the nature of your problem.

Also, another unique thing about the platform is the reading style session. You can choose between advisors depending on the style of the reading. These styles can be straightforward, compassionate, expressive, insightful, and wise.

Whatever you feel most comfortable with, you can choose your reading to be held either via chat consultation or a voice call. At the start of your first session, you will get the first five minutes for free tarot card readings, and if it happens for you to not feel satisfied with the consulting, you can ask for a refund.

has readers available every hour of the day to give you any type of reading concerning different life areas that you need online tarot readings guidance whether it’s about your love life and relationships, finance and career, home matters, health problems, or others. The platform also will guide you through the tarot deck readings and other services provided, so you don’t go into your consultation blind. You can study the future readings in detail and go through the questions that users usually ask.


  • Numerous readers to choose from are always available
  • New members get free 5 minute readings
  • Friendly community with educative forum and blog
  • Reading is available via all communication methods
  • Reasonable prices


  • No mobile app

Customers Experience

While we searched through users’ testimonials, there isn’t a single negative complaint about Mysticsenses’ services. We found thousands of reviews from authentic customers.

Additionally, users appreciate that the site is user-friendly and interactive, providing lots of tips about learning psychic practices. Also, the platform is favorable for the cost of the reading services as it includes prices to suit every budget.

Additionally, they provide free tarot card reading minutes of tests, excluding the possibility that you won’t leave their site completely satisfied. Finally, Mystic Sense offers an attentive and responsive customer support team that handles issues concerning payments or any dissatisfaction problems promptly.

How To Choose The Best Tarot Card Expert?

Experience And Reputation

There have been several cases of shady psychics giving people fake online tarot card readings. To avoid such scammers, the most trustworthy and reliable tarot psychics reading sites do profound screening and verification.

This is done to gauge and confirm that the psychic readers are truthfully gifted, have excellent communication skills, and a professional demeanor. With this in mind, we carefully examined several tarot card psychic reading websites to ensure that their psychics had undergone a screening procedure before being included on the website.

Psychic reviews are the most reliable indicator of whether or not a psychics website is legitimate or not. A site with a significant number of good reviews is credible. However, sites with a large number of bad reviews should be strongly avoided.

Considering this, we have combed through a slew of public tarot card reading forums, e.g., Quora, Facebook, and Reddit, to find the most reliable ones. We have picked out and narrowed the list down to only those tarot reading sites that had the largest average number of positive reviews on their reviews platforms.

Welcome Packages And Advantages For New Customers

Since customers take considerable time to get used to a tarot card reading website and to find their preferred psychics, great psychics reading websites created welcome offers for their new users. Such advantages come in the form of free minutes, and you can find them on Kasamba.

We carefully looked through these tarot reading platforms to see if their welcome offers are reasonable enough and don’t include additional fees or other payments. Only singling those that provide reliable free minutes, discounts, or both. This is a good starting base that the website is considering customer satisfaction, giving them the opportunity to commit to their service and return.

A Variety of Psychic Reader

Having a large expense of psychics ensures that the clients will have access to reading at any time without being left to wait for hours or even days when they are in a hurry for a reading. These online tarot reading websites we have included in our reviews established that they have a variety of psychics specialized in various different areas of fortune-telling.

They are able to cater to most, if not all, customers while picking those that had the widest variety of psychic advisors. Also, keeping in mind those sites that have diverse psychics in regard to their backgrounds, cultures, their countries, and their approach is customized to apply.

Every user can feel comfortable enough to share their heart matters. This gives the opportunity for the users to get different perspectives on life and stand a better chance at getting accurate predictions and in debt insight to their questions.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Reputable psychic reading sites often give some sort of satisfaction guarantee, which gives clients peace of mind that once they commit to their services, they won’t get their hard-earned money wasted. We have checked this option precisely to see if the sites have this offer included.

We have narrowed it down to make sure to pick only those that have clients the chance to get some sort of compensation. These offers come as either monetary returns, free tarot reading sessions minutes, or free readings with a new psychic if the customer ends up dissatisfied with the previous one.

Learn About The Tarot Card Reader

Before you commit to a certain tarot card reader, check their bio and page and see what’s their reading style. They should be intuitive, predictive, spiritual, and practical. They should be straight to the point, and weave long stories about the cards. Also, they should understand the philosophy of tarot reading, and how it works. As a result, you should need to understand what sort of reading you would prefer so you know what to look for.

FAQs About Online Tarot Reading Sites

Are Tarot Cards Real?

Centuries ago, tarot card reading began as a fun parlor trick to pass the free time. The fact alone means that one doesn’t have to be a mystic reader to interpret the spread. Also, everyone can learn to read tarot cards online.

However, this divination medium does require a couple of hours of practice, little patience, and a lot of persistence since the lack of will lead to a session where nothing makes sense. This is because you cannot predict your future on a whim. First, you need to learn the meaning behind each symbol and understand how the cards are connected with one another and what kind of prediction they make about your life.

If this sounds a bit overwhelming to you, then you should consider a professional service before you take the “do it yourself” route with tutorials on how to read tarot cards. Skilled readers know how to make sense of the assorted card spreads. You might even learn a trick or two from observing them through the tarot reading via video call.

Is Tarot Card Reading Accurate?

Yes. The greatest benefit of getting a tarot card reading is that even if they come in the hands of an inexperienced tarot card reader, they can speak the truth.

However, getting an online psychic to interpret them is an ideal way to get the most accurate and truthful messages. The standard readings of each card might vary based on the other cards in the spread. As a result, it is critical to seek guidance from experienced psychs who understand how the many cards in the spread interact with one another.

What Types Of Tarot Card Readings Are Available?

There are dozens of tarot cards readings available, and all of them vary from the spread of the pattern in which the tarot card reader sets the cards down.

Below we have listed the most popular types of readings among customers:

Love Spread

The love spread evaluated relationships’ relevance, how strong and happy they are as each relationship has its ups and downs. These types of readings include a six-card spread in which you’ll be able to evaluate your emotional, psychical, mental and spiritual connection with your partner.

Success Spread

This is a remarkable situation spread that is often used when a person faces any kind of obstacle or hardship. It can be helpful if you don’t know how to overcome a problem as it will guide you in the right direction.

Celtic Cross

This type of tarot card reading has been popular for many years, maybe due to the fact that readers find it difficult to do it. Each of the cards can be illustrated in various ways depending on the direction how they have fallen down. This is recommended to find out the full depth of a situation and find the answer to any problem. The celtic cross deals with intricate situations.

Spiritual Guidance

Similar to the Success spread, Spiritual guidance is used when you want to face problems that are of a spiritual nature. These sorts of challenges are often related to spirituality in person. Each card represents your main concerns and the ways that you can resolve them.

Three Cards Spread

This is the simplest and most used tarot card reading. This only uses three cards and it can help you find answers quickly about almost anything and overcome any problems or obstacles if you feel lost or left behind.

How Often Should I Do Tarot Readings Online?

Many people believe that daily tarot draws function similarly to the daily horoscope, with the divination instruments foretelling something fascinating about your day. However, if you do tarot card readings online regularly, you might not get the same results, and you’ll just end up being more confused than ever.

Also, if you continue to ask the same question in the hope of learning something new from tarot readings online, the procedure might simply lose its allure and genuineness. As a result, you should go for an online tarot card specialist on a monthly basis. The estimated time between sessions might lead to substantial changes. You may observe some development and inner growth with each session.

The best way is to get in touch with them whenever something substantial happens between the scheduled readings. Alternatively, on a more regular basis, you can ask them for help when you are in dire need of a spiritual guide.

Conclusion – Which Online Tarot Reading Platform Is The Best For You?

In an ocean of comparable platforms accessible on the internet, the five psychic sites we examined in this list are, without a doubt, the most reputable and credible. Their clientele holds them in high regard, and there are several favorable testimonials on their website concerning the accuracy of the readings.

In a nutshell, are a magical way to find your soulmate. These mystical consultations can help you unlock your feelings and help you embark on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and eternal bliss. In order to make your journey even more easier we suggest going for sites like and without a doubt.

You can learn to deal with your self-doubts and insecurities since tarot card readings can act as a therapy session when held with an expert guide. These experts can give you enlightening conversations to feel more fulfilled and content with your life.

So, with that being said, your transcendence can start today if you’re ready to give these online tarot reading sites a chance. So head over to choose one to schedule a date with destiny.

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