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“Many organizations are heading toward microlearning,“ says So-Young Kang, Founder and CEO of Gnowbe. According to one of the largest leaders in society that shapes global, regional and industry agendas, The World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2020, projected future jobs will have a high demand for soft skills like creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, life skills, communication and more. “50 percent of employees will need reskilling by 2025, as adoption of technology increases.” These jobs include roles in the rapidly growing creator economy.

Gnowbe is delighted to earmark $10 million in scholarships for everyone to become certified in high-demand, future digital skills for creators – Microlearning Instructional Design (MID). Each scholarship will entitle someone to earn a certification on the principles of instructional design and learn how to apply that in a microlearning format for blended or asynchronous learning experiences. This new capability will empower anyone to design more engaging and effective, multimedia learning experiences for their audiences and clients. Each recipient will be asked to ‘pay-it-forward’ by equipping others on Microlearning Instructional Design (MID) skills and techniques.

The scholarships are available until the funds are exhausted. To apply, applicants should register their interest here.

What is Microlearning Instructional Design (MID)?

Microlearning Instructional Design (MID) is the art and science of creating bite-sized, social, e-learning experiences leveraging storytelling, gamification and behavior nudges to move users from ‘passive to active’ participation. Applying MID skills equips creators to design content that leads to higher engagement, application and impact. When a creator applies these MID principles, they create meaningful shared experiences that can boost personal growth, confidence, engagement and performance. Impact can be tracked and accessed anytime.

Creators are Gnowbefying (i.e., designing bite-sized interactive experiences) everything from workshops to powerpoint presentations to webinars to daily habits to books to workbooks and elevating these shared experiences to the next level.

Jin K. Møller, Author of The Simplicity Playbook for Innovators, confirms her first-hand experience with this social-based learning platform as engaging. “When I use Gnowbe to create content, I feel like I’m having a dialogue with my learners. I love seeing posts and comments from the users, and it’s a great way to deepen engagement with my audience.”

Gnowbe is the pioneer and inventor of microlearning instructional design (MID), Gnowbe designed the MID Certification based on 20 years of research on adult learning theory, gamification theory and behavior design. The MID Academic Advisory Board includes Professor Dominique Turpin who was the former Dean and President of IMD, Professor John J.H. Kim from Harvard Business School, and Professor Neo Boon Siong, former Dean of the Nanyang Business School at...

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