EST Global Establishes Neobank Solutions for Migrant Labor in India and Africa

EST Global Inc. is proud to have established powerful neobanking solutions for migrant laborers in India like BRANCHX and Africa respectively. The group has long been working for financial inclusion in several markets around the world and this represents a significant step forward in bringing FinTech solutions to people who don't have access to traditional financial solutions.

EST Global's financial solutions combine a digital wallet, access to investing channels, single API BNPL a lending management product and a global payment gateway, Ezipay. All of this can be accessed with just a phone which eliminates the barriers to entry. Early signs have shown that such a solution can be transformational for the people affected because it helps to transform a rural economy into one that can plug into the rest of the global financial infrastructure.

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Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar

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The initiative is led by Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar, an experienced executive and entrepreneur who is the Co-Chairman and CEO of EST Global Inc. Dr. Sindhu sits on several boards including the Government Blockchain Association in Washington D.C. and this experience and access to expertise has no doubt been instrumental in creating the company's FinTech offering. He is well known as a thought leader in the financial services space globally, mentoring and undertaking numerous speaking engagements at technology forums and gatherings around the world.

The stated purpose of the project is well illustrated through the following maxim:

"Fundamental change and radical transformation can be achieved through the FinTech revolution and digital evolution."

This speaks to the purpose-driven perspective that is at the heart of the company's efforts. Clients will be able to take back control of their financial destiny and regain the stability that is so often needed for long-term success.

This form of participative capitalism is intended to become a catalyst for improving economic growth in these developing regions through the power of technology. If these sorts of neobanks succeed in what they're trying to achieve, it will bode well for the future of the rural economy and the dignity of those families who, up until now, have been totally disconnected from the wider financial system as a whole. It will usher DDAO (Democratic Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) as he thinks.

EST Global Inc. has joined hands with Rhiti Group in India to launch the Agritech platform, a unique platform that looks at agriculture as a tool for development of rural economy and not just an occupation. FAB (Fintech & Blockchain) Association, and SHE FAB is the Decentralized Platform for Digital Knowledge & Intelligence Proliferation here is an implicit effort to create P2P digital empowerment thru tech education among students, women and farmers. Universities like Chandigarh University and IMS Ghaziabad have joined hands and other universities and colleges in other parts of the globe shall be soon inking out agreements.


About EST Global Inc.

EST Global Inc. is a FinTech company that seeks to provide financial inclusion for all. They do this through a combination of technology products and on-the-ground initiatives in India, Africa, and Latin America. Acting as a strategic partner in many of these projects, they work with local providers to leverage emerging technology and cutting-edge FinTech innovation to bring more people into the global financial system.

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