REPOST: Advanced MMC, Inc - Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Relief - Press Release

Running the Bases today with Dr. Patricia Delzell the Founder at Advanced MMC, Inc - a unique Ohio based integrated pain management center.  Dr. Delzell is a board-certified musculoskeletal radiologist specializing in integrative treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Dr. Delzell combines traditional medicine with an integrative pain management approach so her patients can lead a life without chronic pain. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal scar, including treatment of nerve entrapments.

This is an amazing show as we explore chronic pain and the broad approach to finding solutions to manage, reduce and remove the pain so that people can live their life.  Some examples of tools used in integrative medicines are Acupuncture, Accu-pressure, massage, and light therapy.

Dr. Delzell is providing a FREE Consultation Call - You can reach her at: (440) 557-5011

Learn more about Advanced MMC and a solution for chronic musculoskeletal pain at

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