Better Family launches to bring the best family wellness products

The Better Family brand launches with Liquid Daily to improve family wellness.

Indiana, ID, June 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liquid vitamins are becoming all the rage these days and for a good reason. They're more easily absorbed by the body than traditional pills, making them a more effective way to get your daily nutrients, and the dosage is easier to adjust for different age groups. Enter Better Family, a company that delivers top-notch liquid vitamin supplements right to your door. The company was founded by two friends, Matt and Phil, looking for a better way to improve their family's wellbeing. Liquid Daily, the flagship supplement from Better Family, was carefully crafted to support your family's health.

Why Choose Better Family?

With the goal of creating the highest quality and best tasting liquid multivitamin on the market, Better Family turned to a Doctor of Pharmacy with 20 years of experience formulating physician-grade supplements to lead their formulation team. They're complemented by the Scientific Advisory Team, including doctors such as Dr. Katie Nichols and wellness experts like Bill Sickert.

Like other start-ups, Better Family's story comes from a daily issue that had not been resolved. As health and wellness enthusiasts with other businesses in the space, Matt and Phil couldn't find a daily nutrition solution that made sense for their families. Almost all existing products in the market are sugary and not kid friendly. Similarly, products for adults are not effective and are either overly expensive or don’t utilize the highest...


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