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 After months of preparation, Season 2 Catgirl NFT collection is expected to drop soon, among other exciting news from the team.

A brief overview of

The Catgirl is an NFT project that provides NFT Farming, Staking, and NekoFuse, which allows users to combine multiple NFTs into one of a higher rarity. It also offers eight different Catgirl NFTs of varying rarities.

Catgirls will always be limited and can only be obtained during a season. Once a season ends, Catgirls will no longer be available to obtain, and a new set of Season Catgirls will be released, and users will be able to anticipate new Catgirls with different designs and outfits each season.

Catgirl also has a new thing called Nya Score, which will range from 1-100 and be applied to all Season Catgirls to evaluate their efficiency in various ecosystem activities.

What's on the horizon?

Catgirl team is currently working on Season 2, which will have more Catgirl NFTs available than Season 1, As season one only had 3 Special Catgirl NFTs and 5 Catgirl NFTs, but season 2 will have ten new characters comprised of 3 Common, 3 Rare, 2 Epic, 1 Legendary and 1 Pawsome.

And this time, along with new characters, Season 2 will have a return of Mae from season 1, which is one of the community's favorite characters. In addition, the highest rarity character (Paw-some) will be a catgirl robot. Catgirl NFTs will feature a character to symbolize the year of the tiger, which is this year, in accordance with Chinese culture.

Catgirl team is also working on a brand new theme update for the platform to make it more intuitive, user-friendly, and have a professional look. Season 2 is expected to be released in Q4 of 2022.

In essence, this means that users will be able to collect more characters in Season 2 than they could in Season 2, specifically 3 Common characters rather than 1, 3 rare characters rather than 1, and 2 epic characters rather than 1.

And The NFT Marketplace, which was initially used only for trading Catgirl Collectibles within the catgirl ecosystem, is another significant utility of catgirl since it was all about NFTs exclusively. According to their roadmap, as they expand, they plan to use the NFT Marketplace as a base to create a cross-chain social and NFT trading network that will make use of CATGIRL and Catgirl NFTs throughout the platform.

Along with this Catgirl, NFT games allow users to use their Catgirl Collectibles & NFTs while interacting with other players and taking part in exciting activities. These games are all part of their Catgirl ecosystem. Additionally, there will be catgirl merchandise shops where people will be able to buy knickknacks like mugs, clothing, and accessories. And there will also be a section for customization where users can add their Catgirl to merchandise.

Community Updates

In the end, to enhance communication within the Catgirl community, Catgirl's team will also host several online gaming competitions, such as Catgirl Quiz and Catgirl Skribble

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