IPXHOP releases NFT tickets for 2022 Songdo Beer Festival in South Korea

IPXHOP to sell tickets for the 2022 Songdo Beer Festival, nine days long performance festival. IPXHOP, a global intellectual property (IP) trading platform, announced that it will sell NFT tickets for the 2022 Songdo Beer Festival, which has returned three years after the COVID19. Pre-order tickets for the festival held at Songdo Moonlight Festival Park are sold exclusively on the official website of IPXHOP. Admission to the beer festival is free, but with the tickets to be sold this time, people can purchase paid seats to watch the performance starting at 18:00 every...

source: https://tokenpost.com/IPXHOP-releases-NFT-tickets-for-2022-Songdo-Beer-Festival-in-South-Korea-9733

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