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Running the Bases today with Luke Taylor the CEO & Founder of Traderman Wines - a unique Ohio based wine distributor.  Traderman is a privately owned Akron, OH based “boutique” distributor dedicated to selling an excellent variety of wines to restaurants, country clubs and wine shops throughout the state of Ohio. Luke Taylor started Traderman by recognizing the need for a small, focused boutique wine service that bridges the gap between vineyard and consumer.

Luke shares his story from Tennis Club owner to a complete pivot to Wine Distribution.  His perspective on business and start-up is raw and refreshing.  It gets real.  “Just because you're selling more, doesn't mean you're making more.” “We sell on potential now, potential doesn't pay the bills, but potential keeps your mood positive. And I, and I think a lot of people look at numbers a little bit too much. You know, we're down 10%, 20% what's happening next month.  And I always feel with it. It's not where you're at, where you're going.”

Luke has an engaging style and infectious humor - you’ll love his comments and quick quips.  I think you’ll love the show!

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