Dallas Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Company Folicure Launches New Website

Dallas Hair Replacement Specialist Folicure Launches New Website to Help Balding Men and Women Build Their Confidence

Dallas Hair Replacement Specialist Folicure launches a redesigned website, making natural-looking and feeling hairline restoration more accessible.

Dallas, TX , Sept. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Folicure, a Dallas-based hair replacement specialist with experience working with high-profile clients across the country, has launched a redesigned website, making natural-looking and feeling hairline restoration more accessible.

Hair loss can be a major source of stress and loss of confidence for men and women, whether it occurs as a natural part of the aging process or due to an underlying medical condition or use of vital medication. Hair replacement is a painless, non-surgical solution for all forms of hair loss. Folicure, Dallas’ leading hair restoration expert, specializes in custom hair replacement systems for all hair types, textures, colors, and styles.

Folicure’s team of non-surgical hair restoration experts provides educational resources to inform the public about hair loss prevention causes and prevention, industry tips and tricks for hair replacement, and maintaining a youthful look as alopecia progresses.

Pam Florig, CEO at Folicure hair replacement, Dallas, TX

“A common ‘mis-procedure’ in the hair replacement industry is to use cookie-cutter systems, which they attempt to force into fitting the client,” says Pam Florig, CEO at Folicure hair replacement, who has been providing non-surgical hair replacement with YEARS experience helping clients restore their hairlines and rebuild their confidence, “When it comes to hair, one size does NOT fit all.”

The website can be found at: https://folicurehair.com/

About Folicure Hair

At Folicure, we understand that baldness is more than just skin deep. Whether as a result of a health condition such as thyroid dysfunction or a hormonal abnormality, a side effect of medical treatment such as chemotherapy, or simply a result of aging, hair loss can be anywhere from frustrating to devastating. Folicure Hair is the answer to preserving the hair you still have, stopping hair loss in its early stages, or recovering a full head of hair. We deliver results that cannot be achieved with invasive hair transplant surgeries or dangerous chemicals with documented adverse effects. Instead, Folicure will craft a comfortable, undetectable hair replacement system that’s right for you. Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today.

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Folicure Hair Replacement Therapy for the Dallas Fort Worth area.

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