Write About Releases Key New Educational Features

Memphis, Tennessee--(Newsfile Corp. - December 1, 2022) - Tennessee based educational software company Write About is releasing multiple all-new features to its current platform. Write About is an online, digital classroom writing community and publishing platform, recently redesigned to incorporate new features and improve user experience.

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Write About

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The latest features include writing prompts, skill building activities aligned with specific genres of writing, paragraph and essay writing lessons with accompanying texts, as well as professional development services. In addition, Write About has designed an entire curriculum specifically for parents of homeschooled children, a demographic with unique needs that differ from those attending traditional schools.

One of these new options is the grammar check feature, which notifies students of grammatical errors within their written submissions. The feature provides explanations of each error and offers suggestions for correction. The grammar check also has style suggestions, which assist improving clarity and voice, increasing the effectiveness of students' writing. Students are able to utilize this feature to find just the right wording via the Word Explorer and a contextual thesaurus.

Another new feature is a typing program designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of students' typing skills. Because the demand for soft skills in tech impacted students' learning environments gravely during the pandemic and led to some school districts adopting a hybrid learning model, including some districts opting to move to online standardized testing, the ability to type proficiently is even more critical than ever in regard to students' overall success.

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Online Digital Classroom

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President & CEO Nate Ollie shares that the latest developments were chosen by the company to directly address unfinished learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. He shares that the new features allow additional interventions intended for teachers to pair alongside established curricula. "Our brand is focused on aiding teachers in leveraging the data from our platform to apply to their own instruction," says Ollie. "We take a simplistic approach to address the learning needs that were revealed - and the pre-existing gaps that were magnified - during the pandemic."

Write About has over 30,000 users in all 50 states plus Canada. The company's mission is to help close the widespread student achievement gap, as well as help schools develop students into proficient writers and more effective communicators. The goal is for every student to strengthen their overall literacy skills.

"Our newest professional development service will aid teachers in leveraging the data from the platform in their instruction," says Ollie. "This will provide educators an additional opportunity to further develop their pedagogical practices."

Alongside the new features is an improved and updated platform with a wide variety of instructional support for teachers and interactive activities for students. Students can take advantage of multimedia publishing using a text toolbar, image embedding, and audio recording; they can also create, search, select, curate and share content that helps them to grow as a writer and reader in an online environment.

Each update with Write About was selected with two key elements in mind: relatedness and autonomy. "We want students to use writing as a way to connect with, and receive feedback from, teachers, family members, and friends," Ollie states. "This is the concept of relatedness." For autonomy, he points to studies conducted by the Pew Research Center, showing that choice has an equally important role in students feeling a desire to write.

"Our new features offer students more choices for what they write about and make it fun, with writing prompts that are specific to each age group," says Ollie. "They can make choices on what to write about but with a guide on the side, so to speak, offering advice and feedback."

The new features are already being rolled out to subscribers. Those interested can utilize the company's free 14-day trial period to get a feel for the options prior to opting for a paid subscription.

Write About is a web-based software platform that offers educator support in a variety of writing subjects. The website offers teaching resources, writing prompts, grammar practice, typing skills activities, paragraph and essay writing lessons, professional development services, and a homeschool curriculum.


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