The Blowout Feature Prepares to Launch for Video Game Platforms

Milwaukee, Wisconsin--(Newsfile Corp. - December 14, 2022) - The Blowout Feature, LLC, has just released details about its anticipated new concept for sports video games across all platforms. This optional setting, which can be implemented within any type of game that utilizes a point system, is intended to diffuse a situation that's currently a subject of debate and controversy within the gaming community: the blowout game.

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This refers to online sports video games where players are stuck in games that are over - the point spread is so vast that the losing opponent has no chance of winning, but refuses to stop playing, wasting the winner's time.

The Blowout Feature solves that problem by automatically assigning a win to whichever player is up by a certain number of points first. Some games, like some popular basketball games, default to 35 points as the differential; in other sports, like hockey, the point spread is usually much lower, so for football and hockey games, the blowout point differential would be 4 or 5.

The global video game market is forecast to be worth $321 billion by 2026. It was valued at $195.65 billion USD in 2021, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.9% from 2022 to 2030. One of the drivers of the market is the increasing popularity of online multiplayer games, which is also the area in which the frustrating blowout situation is most commonly found.

The Blowout Feature enhances player functionality, makes online sports games more realistic, and testimonials from the sports video gaming market strongly indicate a need for the concept. The Blowout Feature team has been running polls on the company Instagram, and each poll result showed a strong majority vote - over 70% - in favor of implementing the blowout feature. These numbers can be viewed on the company's Instagram in the highlight section labeled "polls".

Darnell Norwood founded the company in 2022 to solve this exact problem. "Our polls show how popular this function would be among sports fans and gamers," he says. "One major reason people buy video games is to play competitively online. Wins go on their online record, so they don't want to waste time on blowouts. We ran extensive polls on our company Instagram account, and according to the results we've received, there's no doubt that players want the blowout feature added to their favorite games," says Norwood.

The Blowout Feature can be integrated directly into the settings of an existing game, and is compatible across all platforms, including major gaming systems and PC. "It's an easy to use and streamlined process," says Norwood. "You start the game, and if you choose to use the blowout feature, you'll be matched with other players who also have it turned on. Once the blowout point is reached, the game automatically ends on its own. When the game begins, choose 'yes' to turn on the Blowout Feature and be matched with other gamers using it. If you choose 'no', it'll automatically search for opponents who also have the feature turned off."

The Blowout Feature team wanted to ensure that the feature was optional. The team owns the intellectual property rights to the concept and is currently browsing video game companies and the company behind the technology is investigating partnerships with games across a wide variety of sports. The concept is available for licensing.

Norwood states that the Blowout Feature is designed to be simple. "We wanted to make sure that it's easy to use," he states. "We feel that it has the potential to make an impact on the gaming industry."

"We'd like to see the blowout feature across every sports game," says Norwood. "We can adjust it for games that don't use points in the future, but right now, we're really passionate about sports games. I constantly receive private messages from gamers asking when the Blowout Feature will be available on their favorite games," says Norwood. "The feedback I'm receiving is that this needs to be added to all sports games as soon as possible."

The Blowout Feature, LLC, is a video game concept that was founded in 2022 by Darnell Norwood. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Norwood Visions' new product, the blowout feature application, is currently being prepared for roll-out across a number of existing video games.



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