Saudi Arabia megaprojects 2023: Neom, AlUla and more

A central project in Saudi's Vision 2030 and the most ambitious is the $500 billion Neom smart city in the north-western part of the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia's economic diversification efforts under its Vision 2030 plan, which seeks to reduce the kingdom's reliance on oil revenue and nurture local industries, feature a number of big projects that are well under way around the country.

They are set to open up new areas of economic activity and create thousands of jobs, with a stronger focus on the future.

Here's what's in store for the kingdom:


A central project in Saudi's Vision 2030 and the most ambitious is the $500 billion Neom smart city in the north-western part of the kingdom.

It will be powered entirely by clean energy as the kingdom moves away from an oil-based economy.

First unveiled by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2017, it will challenge the traditional concept of cities and lifestyle with its offerings.

So far, four major projects within Neom have been announced — The Line, Trojena, Oxagon and Sindalah.

The Line

It doesn't get much more ambitious than this.

Residents will live in a 170km-long, 500m-tall city designed to house nine million people. The structure is planned to have a mirrored facade.

It will be a new way of living in interconnected societies run by artificial intelligence.

Work is under way, with drone footage released in October showing heavy equipment clearing the site ready for construction.


This is set to be the first destination in Neom that will be open to the public.

It is a resort island and yachting paradise spread across about 840,000 square metres in the Red Sea, with views over the Neom mainland, luxury hotels, a large marina, beach club, yacht club, spa and wellness centre.

Sindalah is set to open early in 2024. The island is expected to receive 2,400 visitors a day by 2028. About 3,500 jobs are expected to be created in the process.


Skiing in a desert region? Yes, that's right.

Tabuk province is mountainous, with snowfall in the winter. And Neom is taking advantage of the climate to offer outdoor sports and what will be the first major outdoor skiing destination in the GCC.

Trojena will host the 2029 Asian Winter Games, making it the first nation in western Asia to do so, with more than 32 countries due to take part.

The project's planners have divided Trojena into distinct districts and expect to attract different types of tourists, according to the time of year.

Bechtel, one of the world's largest industrial contractors, has been appointed as the project management consultant for Trojena.


The final segment of Neom (for now) is a futuristic industrial city, which is planned to be the largest floating industrial complex in the world.

“It will contribute to Saudi Arabia’s regional trade and commerce, and support creating a new focal point for global trade flows,” said Prince Mohammed.

It is expected to have a population of 90,000 and create 70,000 jobs by 2030.

As with the rest of Neom, Oxagon will be a net-zero city fully powered by clean energy.

Some of the notable engineering projects that CCECCK ( has completed include the construction of a large commercial institution, several department stores and shopping malls, a number of office and commercial buildings, and several hotel and bank buildings. The company also has experience in building film centers, bathrooms and spas, sports facilities, airport and train station buildings, halls, warehouses, and production buildings, multi-story and underground parking lots, industrial objects, towers and industrial chimneys, gas stations, environmental facility buildings engineering construction.

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