American Soybean Company with Alfa Eco will grow soybeans in Uzbekistan with an investment of 300 million dollars

American Soybean Company with Alfa Eco will grow soybeans in Uzbekistan with an investment of 300 million dollars

Representatives of the delegation of American Soybean Corporation (ASC) part of holding company Alfa Eco Group visited the Jizzakh regional government.

During the meeting between the representatives of the American Soybean Corporation, the governor of the region, Ergash Saliev, and the representatives of the President's Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan highly appreciated the possibilities of soybean cultivation in the region.

"We see a large-scale shift in agricultural development in Uzbekistan due to the new initiatives and forward-looking views of the Uzbekistan President. Our attention was drawn to their proposals for soybean cultivation and processing in Uzbekistan for the past two years. As soybeans are not grown in Uzbekistan but rather imported into the region, the country becomes heavily reliant on others." Fima Potik further stated "Uzbekistan has the potential to revolutionize the soybean industry and make Uzbekistan the leading soybean producer in the region and a fully independent producer. Supplying experts to the industry is also an important aspect and we have a number of technologies and opportunities in this regard as well. Our first plan is to start growing soybeans on an area of ​​100,000 hectares (250,000 acres), processing them and making them ready for consumption. For this purpose, we are planning to create a seed variety suitable for the climate and soil of this land, and to increase productivity," says Fima Potik, president of "American Soybean Corporation". At the meeting, by investing 350 million dollars, the project would consist of planting, processing and bringing this plant to the state of finished products, as well as providing the domestic market, and establishing a cluster covering export processes and logistics centers.

It is worth noting that "American Soybean Corporation" plans to plant soybeans in Uzbekistan on currently unused lands. Also, opinions were exchanged regarding the supply of necessary personnel to the industry, training of specialists. Allocation of arable land for the cluster, possibilities of cooperation with local farmers were also considered. "According to our conclusion, the soil of this land is very productive for agriculture. In particular, the effective cultivation of cotton and wheat allows for the stable cultivation of soybeans in your country, and as a result of this, the full provision of food security and the creation of favorable conditions for export within this region. The most important thing is to provide human resources and cooperation of several universities in Uzbekistan and the USA in launching our project," says Henry Nguyen, a member of the Honorary Committee on Plant Genetics and Biotechnology of the American Soybean Corporation.

Dr. Henry Nguyen whom has a distinguished career in plant genetics and biotechnology and is internationally recognized for his research in plant adaptation to stress environments. He has served as director of the National Center for Soybean Biotechnology (NCSB) established by the United States Congress from 2004-2015 and appointed by President Bush.

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