Who said AI can't be an Amazon FBA wizard? Meet “Perci.ai” your Amazon Listings game changer!

With 1000+ happy customers, you can kickstart your Amazon selling journey today with this amazing all-in-one tool

Introducing Perci.ai - the Amazon listing and optimization tool that will help you power your Amazon selling business. With Perci.ai, you can quickly and easily generate creative and optimized Amazon listings for your products that will make them stand out on the Amazon search engine. With just minimal input, Perci.ai will provide you with all the content you need to make your product descriptions stand out and quickly scan and edit it to make it look exactly as you want it.

Unleash the power of Perci.ai and make your Amazon listings shine!

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Who Created Perci.ai?

Britton, an experienced copywriter for the past 8 years, created Perci.ai to assist vendors in creating listings that will be successful. This platform eliminates the need for a specialist copywriter.

Already, the tool is favoured by 450+ people, including agencies and copywriters, as well as vendors. With more than 5000 produced listings and around 3250 hours saved, this program can give you the opportunity to focus more on your business.

What type of individuals would benefit from using Perci.ai?

Perci.ai for Sellers: Merchants on Amazon have the ability to create listings of professional quality with ease, which can lead to an increase in sales. This capability can enhance the quality of their listings and enable them to compose more effective ones that will bring in more income.

Perci.ai for Agencies: Content teams are able to rapidly expand their listings with the help of this AI technology. Utilizing Perci.ai, it's possible to manage a large amount of listings with ease.

Perci.ai for Copywriters: Writers have the capability to utilize Perci like a personal assistant, allowing them to become five times more efficient. The tool can also help with writer's block and take away the tedious and monotonous aspects of writing, replacing it with engaging copy.

Is there a free trial version available for Perci? Ai’s pricing plans?

Perci.ai has 3 Pricing plans – Starter, Pro and Business. Let us take a look at the features that come with each of these pricing options.

Use the new Perci.ai coupon code, “AMZMOJO50 and get a 50% discount for the first month.

Perci.ai Starter Plan: The Starter Plan from Perci.ai is priced at $59 per month and provides users with 10 listings per month, plus $6 for each listing. Furthermore, this plan comes with valuable features such as infinite rewords, unrestricted user accounts, SEO optimization, and bullet regulation, making it ideal for those just starting out.

Perci.ai Pro Plan: The Perci.ai Pro Plan is available for $99 a month and includes the features of the Starter Package as well as 20 listings per month with an additional $5 for each listing. Additionally, this plan features a listing export option, making it an ideal choice for experts.

Perci.ai Business Plan: The Perci.ai Business Plan is suitable for teams as it has all of the Pro Plan's capabilities in addition to a fee of $199/month. It also offers features like 50 listings/month and $4 per listing, along with priority customer service and Bulk generation.

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Perci.ai: What is the final opinion?

You may have heard about the e-commerce boom, but Perci.ai is making it easier for everyone to sell products and make money on Amazon. The tool has been in the ecommerce industry for a while now and it’s helping authors and businesses alike to make money on Amazon. If you’re new to the ecommerce world, then Perci.ai can help you create your own product listing for Amazon. It’s simple, easy to use, and best of all, it gets the job done right away. With the help of Perci.ai, you can easily create a beautiful, professional-looking listing that sells well on Amazon.

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