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Running the Bases today with Anne Gannon, Principal at The Largo Group. The Largo Group offers innovative solutions to businesses and individuals to meet their accounting and bookkeeping needs. They specialize in monthly bookkeeping, tax services, and business consulting focused on improving efficiencies and the bottom line.

Today’s guest grew up playing competitive golf.  Raised In Fort Lauderdale, her parents would buy her plane tickets and send her all over the country to play in tournaments.  Through this nomadic lifestyle (as she calls it) - she gained a real affection for employees in the hospitality industry.  

As a teen, she was often at country clubs and courses where she didn’t know many people and the amazing workers at the club were often very kind to her and she gained much appreciation for how hard they worked.  She had a very successful golf career as a Student-Athlete, she went on to play 1 year professionally in the LPGA.  

After realizing playing golf for money wasn’t going to be her forever career - she went back to school earning her Masters in Accounting and becoming a CPA.  She spent many years as a successful CPA in large Boston area firms, often sitting in meetings and realizing she didn’t love the impersonal nature of the big Agencies.  

Her confidence and drive that she learned playing golf kicked in and she left the big agency world - founding her boutique accounting agency in 2015, where she is rewriting some accounting rules. The founder and Principal of the Largo Group - Anne Gannon.

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