Collective Finance Announces Presale of Liquidity Tokens on Binance Smart Chain with Discounts and Limited Edition NFTs

Collective Finance offers access and participation when it comes to investment in multilayered, yield-generating opportunities to provide wide exposure to digitized commodity representations

Philadelphia, PA, March 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The project has raised funds from angel investors and is now opening a public presale. The minimum entry amount is $50, with no upper limit. A notable difference from other crypto fundraising and token generation events is that purchasers will receive liquidity tokens instead of just Collective Finance’s native $CLF token. This unique approach allows users to participate in the ecosystem early, without the need for fresh capital injections or selling $CLF holdings to obtain $BTCB tokens for liquidity.

The $CLF/BTCB liquidity tokens will be airdropped directly to participating community members during the upcoming Collective Finance dApp and token launch. To enter the pre-sale just join the discord community, and connect to the Collective Finance dApp, then click on the "Presale" tab.

In addition, there will also be an exclusive round of $CGLD presale edition NFTs up for grabs that investors can claim by depositing $1,000 or more in the presale and locking their position within the Collective Finance locked-staking platform (benchmarked against the total number of liquidity pool tokens created) in any of the available tiers within seven days. One limited-edition NFT is available per $1,000 invested and will be airdropped post-launch.

The funds raised will be used to create liquidity, purchasing assets backing $CGLD and funding the on-chain portfolio. The presale is open for up to $500,000 (hard cap), or two weeks. The public launch of the project is scheduled for early April.

According to the co-founder of Collective Finance Crypzom-Zachary: “Despite massive growth over the last few years, DeFi still trails traditional finance in many respects. In traditional finance, participants can hold and gain exposure to commodities such as gold, silver, and oil, but there are heavy restrictions, high fees, and limited ways to generate additional passive revenue from such investments. Collective Finance is here to deliver on that front by launching C-Tokens, which represent tradable, asset-backed, over-collateralized commodity with direct yield-earning potential. We can help get the ball rolling by providing widespread access and inclusion to our suite of products and services and our robust DeFi tools so that we can open multi-layered, yield-generating opportunities and provide exposure to digitized commodity representations to as many people as possible.”

Co-founder Doc-Bryan also commented on the announcement: “Our presale is just the first step in bringing our highly performant DeFi tools to the masses. The primary use case for all of our platform’s C-TOKENS is to provide a liquidity solution for commodities in decentralized finance since obtaining consistent and reliable exposure to commodities in DeFi is virtually non-existent. With access to the right liquidity pools, product portfolios, and crypto-based representations of real-world commodities, the sky’s the limit, and we’re excited about the next phase of our project. Collective Finance is bridging important gaps between DeFi and Trad-Fi one giant leap at a time.”

Collective Finance has numerous commodity representations outlined in the project roadmap, but the first to be launched will be gold (via the acquisition of PAXG tokens on the Ethereum network) followed by the issuance of $CGLD on BSC. PAXG is an asset-backed token, with one token representing one fine troy ounce of a London Good Delivery gold bar. $CGLD will be over-collateralized at a rate of 105-110% at all times with PAXG while retaining its peg to the price of 1 gram of gold.

To learn more about the presale and Collective Finance tokens, please click here.

About Collective Finance

Collective Finance is closing the gaps between DeFi and traditional finance by providing investors with exposure to multi-layered yield-generating opportunities and exposure to digitized commodity representations. By lowering barriers while simplifying the investing in real, reliable, and consistent passive revenue streams, Collective Finance is reimagining what is possible in the world of DeFi. Learn more at

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