Diana Davis on Living a Fearless Life, with Ben Easter on The Shift To Freedom Podcast

Diana Davis, business coach for creative entrepreneurs, was interviewed by Ben Easter, co-host of The Shift To Freedom Podcast, on living a fearless life.

Diana is a business coach that empowers creative entrepreneurs to ditch the hustle, land their dream clients, and scale to new heights. Formerly a photographer and graphic designer in the hustle of NYC, she's out to debunk the idea of the starving artist and the idea that you have to have a traditional job to make the money you want and have the life you desire. She is currently traveling the world living her nomadic dream. If you really know her, you know she’s a good mix of woo-woo and realistic, is a Gemini to the max, and loves traveling any chance she gets. In this episode, she talks about her path to becoming a digital nomad, how to craft an authentic social media presence, how to establish boundaries and avoid burnout, and the importance of giving yourself permission to wing it.

In order to achieve freedom and live your most authentic life, it is important to face your fears. Living a #fearless life can be daunting at first, but also incredibly rewarding. With the rise of AI technology and remote work, more and more entrepreneurs are shifting into a #digitalnomad lifestyle. Today, Diana Davis, business coach for creative entrepreneurs and host of the podcast Pollen, talks with host Ben Easter about how to live a fearless life, what it’s really like to be a nomadic #entrepreneur, and why establishing boundaries is so vital to preventing #overwhelm and #burnout.

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In this podcast, the host covers:

  • What was Diana’s path to becoming a nomadic entrepreneur

  • What is the sandbox phase

  • When to give yourself permission to just “wing it”

  • Why creatives tend to struggle with boundaries

  • How to establish boundaries to prevent burnout

  • How to view others as expanders rather than as competition in order to avoid comparison

  • How to prioritize connection over transaction in social interactions

  • How the rise of AI tools like ChatGPT are changing the social media landscape

  • How to craft an authentic social media presence

  • How to get involved with Camp Clarity’s upcoming Greece trip for creative entrepreneurs

Headshot of Diana Davis, business coach
Diana Davis, Business Coach

Podcast Quotes:

  • “I used to be a photographer and a graphic designer. And that led me to really leading other creatives to be fearless and really put their gifts out into the world and know that they don't have to be a doctor or lawyer or in finance to make money.” (1:54-2:11 | Diana)

  • “A lot of the principles are facing the fear and then doing it anyway.” (4:44-4:51 | Diana)

  • “The vast majority of people actually, you find out your purpose in hindsight, not in foresight.” (7:37-7:43 | Ben)

  • “You don't have to put this path in concrete and go with it until you're retired. You're allowed to pivot and change.” (8:12-8:20 | Diana)

  • “I think everything is just a reframe away from being positive.” (19:57-20:01 | Diana)

  • “Listen to what moves you in the world and then design your structures around that. Find your riverbed so to speak and carve your riverbed out of what's important to you, and then follow that.” (21:08-21:20 | Ben)

  • “If it would be weird if you weren't even in business, if it would be a weird conversation just normally, it’s going to feel weird in business too. So, don't do it.” (25:25-25:37 | Diana)

  • “Showing up as you is always going to future proof whatever happens on social.” (34:14-34:20 | Diana)

About the Podcast Guest:

To learn more about Diana Davis visit her website (Diana Davis Creative).

About the Podcast Host:

To learn more about Ben Easter visit the Lucid Shift Coaching website (Lucid Shift Coaching).

About The Shift to Freedom Podcast:

The Shift to Freedom podcast is the place where you will find the courage to show up as your most authentic self. Host Ben Easter explores the intersection of business and relationship through humorous and deep conversations. The goal is to move more into the aligned versions of who we are and free ourselves from the stories that limit or hold us back, either financially, socially, emotionally, or mentally. Join Ben and his collaborators, weekly, to start making the shift into freedom!

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Ben Easter with Diana Davis on your preferred podcast channel.

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