Ace Jonez Joins Featured Artist Network via Cards Cash Rewards, Making Waves in the Music Industry

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“65 Days” and “High Vibration” by Ace Jonez are featured tracks in new music product categories developed and marketed by Cards Cash Rewards.

LOS ANGELES, California (May 19, 2023) - Ace Jonez, the talented hip-hop artist from Atlanta, CA and North Carolina, has joined the Featured Artist Network presented by Cards Cash Rewards. This collaboration aims to solidify his ability to establish sustainability as an independent artist.

As an artist driven by his passion for music since the age of seventeen, Ace Jonez, also known as Antonio Jones, has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. With his unique and dynamic sound, Ace Jonez captivates audiences with his versatile style and meaningful lyrics, creating an authentic and captivating musical experience.

His single “65 Days” is featured in The Ultimate F.A.N. Collection, a digital music compilation developed and marketed by Cards Cash Rewards. This innovative music product category revolves around the company’s proprietary approach to gift cards, providing fans with an exclusive and immersive experience.

Furthermore, the Ace Jonez track “High Vibration” is featured as a paid free music download, another innovative solution also developed and marketed by Cards Cash Rewards. This strategic collaboration showcases Ace Jonez’ talent and allows him to connect with fans on a deeper level while exploring new avenues for artistic expression.

We are thrilled to welcome Ace Jonez to the Featured Artist Network” said Jeffery Lakes, Founder of Cards Cash Rewards. “Ace’s passion for music, unique style and dedication to his craft makes him a welcomed addition to our platform.”

Alongside his music endeavors, Ace Jonez has also ventured into acting, securing a role in a B-list film. Additionally, his commitment to making a positive impact is evident through his involvement in community initiatives. Through sponsorships with Food For The Hungry, he supports children in Africa, while also dedicating his time to youth basketball camps and mentoring programs in his local community.

Ace Jonez’ dedication to uplifting and empowering young people globally is reflected in his music, which serves as a catalyst for positivity and inspiration.

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