CoinNess and Ness LAB Announce Strategic Partnership for Web3 Transition

The partnership sets the stage for a revolution in how the public perceives and invests in blockchain and Web3 solutions

The partnership sets the stage for a revolution in how the public perceives and invests in blockchain and Web3 solutions

| Source: CoinNess

Seoul, South Korea, June 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CoinNess, the renowned South Korean crypto investment information source, has announced a strategic partnership with Ness LAB, a high-profile venture that is committed to building a decentralized, transparent and secure ecosystem that enables the fair and efficient exchange of value. The partnership has been formalized via a memorandum of understanding (MOU) designed to promote the adoption of blockchain technology and its benefits amongst a broader audience.

CoinNess offers investors personalized experiences with a wide range of content, including news updates and on-chain data, as well as various community functions that enable users to interact with other investors and enthusiasts. With CoinNess, investors can customize their crypto experiences and make better-informed decisions. In a different but related sphere, Ness LAB is committed to building a decentralized, transparent, and secure ecosystem that enables the fair and efficient exchange of value. Its team of experienced blockchain experts is working to develop cutting-edge solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing the industry.

The new partnership and the MOU between these highly respected projects signifies a shared vision for the future of blockchain technology. Both companies recognize the potential for blockchain to revolutionize the way we exchange and access information, and together, they aim to create a more equitable and inclusive ecosystem that benefits users across the board.

The strategic area of focus for the CoinNess and Ness LAB partnership is the Web 3 transition of the CoinNess platform. By integrating blockchain technology with the assistance of Ness LAB, CoinNess will effectively enhance the transparency and security of its community functions, creating a more robust and engaging experience for users in a trusted environment of security, reliability, and efficiency.

Strategic partnerships between high-performance players in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and investment spaces signify a consolidation of efforts and the much-needed collaboration between players that can drive user adoption and onboarding. With overlapping synergies and cooperation between companies such as CoinNess and Ness LAB, we expect the blockchain industry to make rapid progress toward achieving important industry milestones and goals.

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CoinNess is a leading crypto and blockchain information and resource platform that is dedicated to providing instant and inclusive coverage of everything happening in the crypto and blockchain worlds. Operating at the intersections of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital media, and software industries, CoinNess delivers trade information around the clock, features a 24/7 intelligent market monitor, and provides real-time price indices with professional insights and state-of-the-art accuracy to an international readership to help users, investors, and businesses make better, smarter, and more informed crypto investment decisions. Better-informed. Learn more at

About NessLAB

Ness LAB is a blockchain research company that is dedicated to realizing the full potential of blockchain technology in creating an information economy. Ness LAB believes that blockchain technology has the power to transform the way information is exchanged and accessed, paving the way for a more open, transparent, and equitable economy. Learn more here.

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