Chantell Brandt, Executive Coach of Fierce, Talks with Edward J. Beltran, of Pulse Experience Podcast

Chantell Brandt talks with Edward J. Beltran, of Pulse Experience Podcast

Chantell Brandt and Edward J. Beltran on How to Manage Misplaced Stress to Improve Relationships - Mission Matters Podcast Agency

Beverly Hills , June 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mission Matters Podcast Agency distributes the Pulse Experience Podcast.

Seattle, Wash.-based expert coach Chantell Brandt, the Executive Coach of Pulse by Fierce, with Seattle, Wash.-based leading podcaster and Pulse by Fierce CEO Edward J. Beltran discuss the Pulse app's potential to lower stress levels and increase productivity by helping coachees achieve intimacy, clear communication, and healthy boundaries.

In this episode, Brandt shares her experience of working with a client who was feeling stuck. She was burned out at work, and that professional stress impacted her ability to be present for the people who mattered most: her family.

"We worked to isolate the cause and effect," Brandt says. Using valuable biometric data collected by the Pulse App, Brandt's coachee was able to pinpoint spikes in stress that correlated with the transition between a work context and a home context. When the coachee isolated the root cause of her stress and understood the negative impacts of "misplacing" that stress, she felt empowered to change her situation.

When we're experiencing profound stress, Brandt says, "Our brains begin to amplify and distort other areas of our lives as well–we become hostages to stress." Beltran agrees that managing stress with coping strategies like exercise will only get you so far. The Pulse App can help "surgically" identify and ease stress for greater happiness and stronger relationships.

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In this podcast, the host covers:

  • How does the Pulse app's use of biometrics help users "surgically" identify sources of stress?
  • What is "misplaced" stress, and why is it so problematic?
  • How did Brandt use Pulse to help her coachee get to the root of her stress?
  • How can effective communication with a partner lead to lower stress levels?
  • Where do we go from here? Post-coaching session, how has the coachee moved forward with making changes in her professional life with the help of Pulse?

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