Laura Kissmann on Being Your Own Quantum Health Detective, with Meredith Oke on Quantum Biology Collective Podcast

Laura Kissmann, Quantum Clinician, was interviewed by Meredith Oke, on how to be your own quantum health detective.

After working in the Canadian military for decades Laura Kissmann is now a wellness coach, a new breed of practitioner called a Quantum Clinician. This means she integrates applied quantum biology using light, water, electrons and mitochondria with addressing all aspects of lifestyle, mindset, and environment to achieve resilient, optimal, quantum health. If this sounds complicated, no worries, the short version is that she simply helps prevent and heal chronic dis-ease using nature. In this episode of the Quantum Biology Collective Podcast, Laura shares her work and medical history with host Meredith Oke as a sort of case study into her living conditions when certain symptoms arose. She discusses the incredible ways that addressing circadian rhythm dysfunction has changed her physical and mental health as well as what she is doing as a quantum clinician and educator to improve the health of others.

“We are batteries made out of water charged by sunlight,” explains Quantum Health Clinician and Educator, Laura Kissmann. Without exposure to natural light, the circadian rhythm that controls all the biological processes in the body will become misaligned. Although Laura now spends her time performing energy healing through quantum health practices such as red light therapy and Access Bars, she did not start out this way. Laura spent decades serving in the Canadian military as well as four years in an underground bunker surrounded by EMF while working for NORAD. In this episode, Laura shares her career and health history for a side by side analysis of what her environmental conditions were at the time each of her symptoms developed.

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In this podcast, the host covers:

  • What Laura does as a quantum clinician

  • What the science is behind Access Bars

  • How military college caused Laura to develop plantar fasciitis

  • What impacts Laura’s ski accident had on her overall health

  • How Laura’s working environment at NORAD impacted her circadian rhythm

  • What Laura’s environment was when she developed hyperthyroidism, leaky gut, parasites, and chemical sensitivities

  • How diet and environment impact health

  • How disease can be viewed as a mismatch between environment and biology

  • Why artificial light is unhealthy for the body

  • How to heal symptoms caused by mismatched environments

  • How to build resiliency to electromagnetic frequencies

  • What health conditions can be caused by blue light at night

  • Why good quality sleep is so important

  • What the quantum sunlight diet entails

  • Why addressing nutrition is not enough to fully heal the body

Headshot of Laura Kissmann, quantum clinician
Laura Kissmann, quantum clinician

Podcast Quotes:

  • “Sometimes people can't fully get well, if they don't address the traumas, the mental emotional stuff.” (3:13-3:21 | Laura)

  • “With Access Bars, at worst, it's a relaxing massage, and at best it changed your whole life.” (9:27-9:33 | Laura)

  • “The environment that we put our body in and the type of exposure that our body receives in that environment is the absolute most critical thing.” (35:58-36:07 | Meredith)

  • “Circadian rhythm controls every process in the body, and circadian rhythm is controlled by natural light.” (44:02-44:08 | Meredith)

  • “You want to be synced with the sun. If you're not synced with the sun, it's going to lead to dis-ease in the body.” (58:22-58:30 | Laura)

  • “You can become diabetic from blue light.” (1:01:23-1:01:25 | Laura)

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