BRTV Hosts the Second Annual 'Most Delicious Hometown Flavor - Most Beautiful Hometown People' Event

Showcasing the Distinct Charm of Traditional Chinese Culture

Abstract: Chinese cuisine serves as a delightful representation of the country's culture. Over the last few years, dishes such as Chinese hamburgers and Fujian Sanming Shaxian delicacies have gained a following internationally, winning over many loyal fans. With the development of the Internet and the wide application of social media, the popularity of the global dissemination of Chinese food Cultural globalization is also rising, and the focus of international dissemination has shifted from food itself to the excavation of cultural values behind it.

Beijing, China--(Newsfile Corp. - July 13, 2023) - Beijing Radio and Television recently hosted the second annual 'Most Delicious Hometown Flavor · Most Beautiful Hometown People' event, featuring a live broadcast of 'Checking In on Beijing's Most Delicious Hometown Flavor.' Food enthusiasts and foreign visitors alike gathered in groups to explore the capital's streets and alleys, discovering local cuisine, dialects, and culture, all while indulging in the best of Chinese delicacies. The culinary art of 'Five Flavors, Three Ingredients, Nine Boils, and Nine Changes' draws inspiration from Chinese myths, legends, and historical tales. Rooted in the pursuit of flavor harmony and coexisting with nature, this technique embodies thousands of years of Chinese culture and the ingenuity of its people. 'The Most Delicious Hometown Flavor' series of short videos showcases not only the diverse regional cuisine of China, but also the cultural significance carried by each dish, revealing the cultural values behind the art of cooking to a global audience.

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  • Maoming, Guangdong Province - Litchi Shrimp Balls
  • Sichuan Province - Dandan Noodles
  • Jiangxi Province - Soup pot

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The 'Most Delicious Hometown Flavor · Most Beautiful Hometown People' initiative covered nearly 30 provincial offices and 20 local restaurants recommended by Prefecture-level city liaison offices in Beijing. In 2022 and 2023, a 24-hour live broadcast of the Cross Year Food Action was launched, showcasing popular cultures from various regions in China and creating unique consumption activities with regional flavors. This initiative not only allowed the general public to experience the warmth and strong New Year flavor of their hometowns, but it also achieved great communication results through collaborations with provincial-level radio and television new media in China and Beijing Time's overseas platform accounts, which broadcasted the initiative synchronously.

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This year's activity also launched the short video solicitation activity of "Foreigners also love Chinese cuisine" to the world for the first time. Foreign friends can take short videos to tell their story. At the end of the event, a comprehensive selection will be made and the top 10 best story of "foreigners also love Chinese cuisine" will be announced. The protagonist of the story will be awarded the title of "the most beautiful hometown flavor overseas communication and promotion ambassador", and the award-winning author will be awarded the customized gift. Please log in to the webpage for activity details

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