YELIR WORLD: the menswear brand redefining luxury fashion

YELIR WORLD, a menswear brand since 2018, is revolutionizing fashion with its premium clothing, captivating marketing, and celebrity support, attracting a devoted fanbase.

Manchester, United Kingdom, July 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The British-based brand is reinventing luxury by creating stylish pieces that not only look great and fit well but also withstand the test of time – all at an accessible price point. Each garment is carefully crafted for maximum durability to ensure that customers can enjoy their purchases for years to come. During the design and production process, special attention is paid to the fit and finer details of every piece, and all are finished with the brand’s signature “Y” logo.

Declan Rice in Yelir World outfit

Fitting seamlessly into the everyday, YELIR WORLD collections embody a modern luxury lifestyle where ease and comfort meet style and comfort. This is portrayed through the brand’s creative imagery which often features unique, inspiring, and luxurious settings exuding to the YELIR WORLD way of life. The brand encapsulates a unique blend of contemporary aesthetics and urban flair. Whether it's streetwear or casualwear the label has a range of timeless options to cater to a wide audience. From classic tees to tracksuits, hoodies, caps, and accessories each piece is an expression of individuality and simplicity which resonates with the brand’s ethos. All pieces are available exclusively online at YELIRWORLD.COM and some are part of limited edition drops which often sell out within minutes.

Wayne Rooney in Yelir World cap

The brand is regularly spotted on celebrities such as England footballer Declan Rice, rap star Aitch and football legend Wayne Rooney. Popular actor Michael Ward was also seen donning YELIR WORLD during his captivating performance in the hit Netflix series “Top Boy”. Having captured the attention of celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike, the brand has certainly solidified its global appeal and cemented its position as a name to watch in the fashion industry.

Michael Ward in Yelir World outfit

As YELIR WORLD continues to expand its horizons, the brand remains dedicated to providing quality pieces and top-level service to its loyal following. You can follow the brand's journey via Instagram @yelirworld

Aitch in Yelir World outfit

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