Kar Brulhart on Organic Instagram Growth, with Lindsay Pinchuk on Dear FoundHer…

Kar Brulhart, social media consultant, was interviewed by Lindsay Pinchuk of Dear FoundHer… on organically growing her Instagram following from 0 to 45,000 in under a year.

Kar Brulhart is social media consultant who poured herself into creating an Instagram account where she could teach women-owned businesses everything she had learned about marketing. In less than a year, she went from 0 followers to 45K—completely organically. In a recently released episode of the Dear FoundHer… podcast, Kar talks with host Lindsay Pinchuk about the process of launching her social media consulting business, organically growing her Instagram following, monetizing her Instagram, and helping other women business owners flourish.

“Organic marketing to me, or organic social, is really just about being you, but finding really unique ways to tell universal stories,” explains Kar Brulhart, social media consultant.

If you have ever wanted to grow your Instagram following, but were unsure where to start, you’re in luck! Kar Brulhart is a social media wiz who got her start as the social media manager for the United Nations World Food Program. When the pandemic layoffs caused her to lose what she thought was her dream job as head of social for a startup in NY, Kar pivoted to consulting, eager to teach other women business owners everything she knew about social media marketing. In just ten months, Kar grew her following organically from 0 to 45,000 followers- and that’s not even the best part. Through monetizing her Instagram and social media skills, she quickly began pulling in a six figure income. If you are not already following Kar, you’re absolutely going to want to.

In this podcast, the host covers:

  • Why Kar decided to pivot to social media consulting

  • How Reels helped Kar grow her Instagram following from 0 to 15,000 in 60 days

  • How Kar began monetizing her Instagram through one-to-one consultations

  • How Kar refined her offer suite

  • Why storytelling is key for organic marketing

  • Why Kar wishes she had automated her business sooner

  • Why Kar believes it is important to bring on diverse guests for Instagram Lives and collaborations

  • How repurposing Instagram content onto other social platforms can attract new followers

  • How brand partnerships and press exposure helped with growth

  • Why Kar treats Instagram like a corporate job in terms of showing up consistently

  • What three hacks Kar recommends for growing an Instagram following

  • How to optimize your Instagram bio and posts with keywords for SEO

  • What three actionable tips Kar has for any female founders just getting started

  • What Lindsay’s top 5 takeaways are from interviewing Kar

Headshot of Kar Brulhart, social media consultant
Kar Brulhart, social media consultant

Podcast Quotes:

  • “I started monetizing way before I hit 15,000. At 800 followers, I was making less than $1,000 a month. And then around 1600 followers, I hit my first 10K month. And then at 15,000, I was making around 16,000 a month. And that was pretty consistent throughout.” (8:29 | Kar)

  • “It's about creating work that I love to do that serves other people and provides for my family in a way that I would never be able to do if I was in corporate or working for somebody else. So that's how I kind of base my projects.” (13:06 | Kar)

  • “Anyone can grow organically on social media with the right strategy.” (15:46 | Kar)

  • “Organic marketing to me or organic social is really just about being you, but finding really unique ways to tell universal stories.” (17:03 | Kar)

  • “Find somebody, either a business manager or a VA, that can help you early on to automate things so that you can take home more of that profit.” (19:49 | Kar)

  • “Consistency. If this was a job, like a corporate job that I was an employee of, you get up every day, you go on the train, you go to that office, you deal with it. You get the job done, and then you leave and you do it every single day. And so that's exactly how I treat my business. It's not optional. It's every single day.” (23:40 | Kar)

  • “Block time off on your calendar to market your own business. When you are a service provider, your calendar is full of appointments for other people. You need to make time for yourself to move your own business.” (25:31 | Kar)

About the Podcast Guest:

To learn more about Kar Brulhart visit her website (Kar Brulhart) and follow her on Instagram.

About the Podcast Host:

To learn more about Lindsay Pinchuk visit her website (Lindsay Pinchuk).

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