Strongman Robert Jacobs on Circadian Timed Eating and Exercising with Meredith Oke on Quantum Biology Collective Podcast

Robert Jacobs, strength and conditioning coach, was interviewed by Meredith Oke, on the benefits of circadian timed eating and exercising.

As an international lecturer, coach and published author, Robert Jacobs has spent the last 21 years as a strength and conditioning coach, coaching professional athletes, physique and bikini competitors, strongman competitors, Title holders and World Champions in Mixed Martial Artists and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Judoka's for Team USA. Robert has worked with a diverse range of athletes; coaching Olympians and medalists in the sports of Soccer, National Champions in Track & Field, and NFL athletes from the Bengals, Giants and Vikings. Proudly, he has coached over 31 athletes in multiple sports to NCAA Division 1 scholarships. He is currently an active strongman competitor who has competed at the USS National Championships. In a recently released episode of the Quantum Biology Collective Podcast, Robert speaks with host Meredith Oke, Executive Coach and co-founder of the Quantum Biology Collective, about circadian timed eating and circadian timed exercise, why it matters and what it is, as well as why everyone should do at least some basic strength training.

“You have to change your lifestyle. Otherwise, nothing else is going to change,” explains Robert Jacobs, strength and conditioning coach and competitive strongman. As a coach and competitor, Robert has firsthand experience on the benefits of proper strength training and conditioning. Even non-athletes can benefit tremendously from basic strength training for increased muscle mass and longevity. As a big proponent of the incredible power of small changes for influencing bigger long term change, Robert prefers lifestyle changes over short term, band aid type solutions like supplements. In this podcast episode, Robert shares the benefits of circadian timed eating and exercising for overall health and wellness.

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In this podcast, Meredith Oke and Robert Jacobs discuss:

  • What a strongman competition actually entails

  • How strength and conditioning skills transfer over to sports performance

  • Why basic strength training is important for everyone, not just athletes

  • How small habit changes can make a big difference

  • Why Robert became interested in quantum health

  • Why seeing the sunset and sunrise is so vital for health

  • How cold thermogenesis boosts fat loss

  • How to increase longevity in strength sports through circadian regulation

  • Why supplements are not a complete substitute for lifestyle changes

  • What circadian timed eating means and why it matters

  • Why when you eat matters more than what you eat

  • How circadian eating can help increase muscle mass

  • Why carbohydrates are not meant to be eaten after dark

  • How many hours before bed people should stop eating

  • How blue light blockers assist with getting better quality sleep

  • How to time exercise to circadian rhythm

  • Why it is not a good idea to exercise intensely on an empty stomach

Headshot of Robert C Jacobs, strongman
Robert C Jacobs, strongman

Podcast Quotes:

  • “You have to change your lifestyle. Otherwise, nothing else is going to change.” (31:33 | Robert)

  • “The majority of your carbohydrates should be in the afternoon because that is instant energy.” (34:49 | Robert)

  • “A metabolically normal individual is essentially pre-diabetic after sunset.” (36:29 | Robert)

  • “As you move through non rem and REM sleep, you are paralyzed. You're not supposed to be processing food.” (41:22 | Robert)

  • “As you start to respect those cycles. your hunger patterns change.” (43:15 | Robert)

  • “When you eat matters as much if not more than what you eat.” (48:12 | Robert)

  • “Intense difficult exercise on an empty stomach is worse for you than it is better in the long run.” (1:14:37 | Robert)

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