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SEO is the secret to getting pages ranked on search engines. Short for Search Engine Optimization, proper SEO can literally make or break a website, particularly if that website is an e-commerce site.

Highway Clicks is a South Jersey SEO Agency and has a proven track record of providing its customers with ROI, return on investment, digital marketing solutions. Recently, the team published a guide on helping new businesses find the best SEO company for their individual needs.

“Our guide is fairly straightforward,” said Kojo R. Johnson, Founder of Highway Clicks, local SEO experts in South Jersey, “these seven tips are based on our experience and understanding of the changes in search engines. And there are lots of changes.”

One of the biggest issues that many new website owners run into is the sheer number of SEO companies found online. All of them make the same promises of high rankings on search results. A savvy website owner needs to look well beyond the superficial and determine their specific needs as well as if the SEO company can meet those needs.

The guide covers the basic tips such as what are the website’s specific goals, how to find information and the truths behind SEO and SEO services.

“Many do not realize it, but SEO is not one and done. Google in particular is constantly upgrading their algorithm for search results. A good SEO company is like your personal doctor or hair stylist – most people find the one they like and stick with them for a long time,”...

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