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The fintech industry is worth a staggering 141billion, and more than 64 per cent of all consumers have used a fintech platform at some stage. With more than 26,000 fintech companies operating, it’s safe to say the space is competitive. Standing out is no easy task, but with the right SEO strategy, fintech companies can be thought leaders ready to build trust with consumers.

SEO, however, is always evolving, and incorporating it into our marketing strategy can prove tricky if you don’t know where to start. With that in mind, let’s look at the importance of SEO in fintech and how you can implement it to help your business shine.

The evolution of SEO

Gone are the days when stuffing a web page with keywords guaranteed top rankings. Today, the SEO landscape is more nuanced and driven by search engine sophistication. Google dominates the search engine market and has placed a magnifying glass on content quality, how it’s structured, and general readability. Keywords alone don’t hold the same weight, says Yaser from Yaser UK. Instead, the goal is to deliver value to audiences, helping them find the right websites based on their queries. Good SEO is ultimately high-quality content.

The significance of SEO in today’s digital age

In the competitive space that is fintech, traditional lead generation methods like events or word of mouth are being increasingly overshadowed by digital channels. With the rising costs of paid advertising, the allure of organic leads has never been...

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