After Daewoo and K-Electric, why is AsiaPak interested in Bol News? - Profit by Pakistan Today

Daewoo, Thar Coal, and K-Electric. Until a few days ago this was the investment portfolio of AsiaPak Investments. That is until the company announced they had acquired Bol TV.
That in itself should raise the alarm for more people. Since its inception Bol TV has been mired in multiple scandals ranging from accusations of misconduct and bad journalism to staff protesting against the management for not paying salaries. The television channel which started off with a bang by giving politicians their own shows and hiring all the big names in the industry quickly found itself facing a credibility issue.
The fall from grace that followed was matched only by the channel’s financial woes. So why would anyone want to buy Bol out? According to Sameer Chishty, the man who will now be running the show, AsiaPak plans to gut the channel and build something new out of it.
But can they turn it around for a profit? The possibility is doubtful. Buying any kind of media organisation is a bad idea in this day and age. Journalism all over the world has suffered as a business and there is little hope in buying a television channel and making a profit off of it. Even if one pulled it off the future would be very uncertain. So what other reason could AsiaPak have to buy Bol News?
Some might say the answer is influence. After all, the only people buying television channels in Pakistan right now are politicians and businessmen that need the protection a media house can offer. Just look at Aleem...

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