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ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Beijing International Week for Science Literacy has brought together leaders from different parts of the world to share their experiences and achievements in promoting science literacy in their respective countries and to learn from the Chinese experience, said Khan Muhammad Wazir, the Science, and Technology Counselor at the Pakistan Embassy in China.
In an exclusive interview with the Global Times, Wazir congratulated and expressed his appreciation of the leadership of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST) for hosting the event.
A total of 24 international organisations and institutions from 22 countries and regions, with 27 representatives from various tech sectors and the science education industry, are attending the conference.
They will jointly explore the issue of improving public scientific literacy and plan a win-win development path, according to the BAST, the main organiser of the event.
Khan Muhammad Wazir attended the launch ceremony at the Shougang Park in Beijing.
When asked in what specific areas China and Pakistan could work together to improve the general public’s science literacy and how that will help enhance the iron-clad friendship between the two countries, Wazir noted that China and Pakistan are cooperating closely on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and recently a MoU between the China Association for Science and Technology and the Pakistan Science Foundation was signed.

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