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BEIJING, Sept. 18 (APP): A Chinese leading manufacturer specialize in textiles auxiliaries and organic silicone products has joint hands with local partners to bring technological innovation support to the textile printing and dyeing industry in Pakistan.
“As the pillar industry of Pakistan, textile industry is currently facing two major constraints, namely energy and cotton yarn shortage. The fabric categories of some local printing and dyeing factories are gradually transitioning to a large proportion of polyester.
Chinese chemical fiber suppliers can provide the most suitable chemical fiber raw materials for unique textile categories to match needs,” said Xing Pingping, Overseas Sales Manager of Ningbo Runhe High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.
More than 60 percent of Pakistan’s textile companies are concentrated in Punjab Province, and Faisalabad as the core textile industrial city here, with nearly 300 dyeing factories of all sizes.
According to Xing, recently, his company joined hands with Pakistani agent FairChem International to hold a textile seminar in Faisalabad, in which China and Pakistan partners jointly discussed the future direction of local textile printing and dyeing industry. More than 150 local practitioners participated it to explore new opportunities.
According to data released by Pakistan Customs, in fiscal year 2022, Pakistan’s total exports of textiles reached USD19.32 billion, a year-on-year increase of 25.3 percent from the previous fiscal year, and...

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