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Sep 18, 2023

Generative AI has taken the world by storm. It’s gone viral on social media and attracted billions of dollars in investment, with companies like Google and Microsoft scrambling to integrate these technologies into their products. While scrappy startups and big tech firms will battle it out over the next few years for dominance in the space, generative AI has caused an even bigger disruption in the content creation space for small businesses.

Up until a few years ago, small businesses were paying hefty retainers to content agencies to market their services—and the investment had been well worth it. Most small businesses relied on agencies to create content tailored for different social media platforms and help build an audience for their products and services.

Generative AI has now enabled companies to create their own content—faster and cheaper—through an arsenal of nearly-free content creation tools, essentially allowing every small business to have its own private content agency. AI programs and tools can now largely replicate much of what professional agencies do, and businesses can save tremendous money and be fully in control of their own messaging.

How to use generative AI for content creation

1. Text content

Text forms the basis of most content created for social media, an area where generative AI excels particularly...

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