From The Dorm To The HQ: How 2 Students Launched The Tech Giant Google - Forbes

Little did two students realize while intensely engaged in conversation in the dorm room of Stanford University, that they were embarking on a journey that would shape the worldwide web—indeed, the entire tech industry globally, forever.

In 1995, Larry Page was visiting Stanford for grad school (where he earned his master's degree in computer science), and Sergey Brin, who was studying his Ph.D. in computer science at the same university, was assigned to show Page around. According to Google's own accounts, they seemed an unlikely fit for a business partnership. They disagreed on almost everything. But by the next year Page had conceived an idea...why not develop an internet search engine that could crawl through links for relevance and importance?

What started out as a research project posted on Stanford's website, turned into a global phenomenon that captured the attention of Silicon Valley investors, resulting in the company's first investment—a $100,000 check from Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim. From here, they transitioned into Susan Wojcicki's garage to continue their work (Wojcicki later became CEO of YouTube).

Initially called 'Backrub' (so named because their program analyzed website backlinks), the humorous company name changed to Google. Google progressed rapidly in achieving global dominance, launching products such as Google News, Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Chrome within a six-year period from 2002-2008.

Today, Google boasts more than 271 products, and...

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