Pakistan highlights pharmaceutical collaboration with SCO countries - China Economic Net

SUZHOU, Sept 27, (China Economic Net)- “The 2nd SCO Pharmaceutical Cooperation Development Conference has demonstrated the commitment of member states to foster international cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry. Through this platform, SCO member states aim to promote mutual benefits, strengthen regulatory frameworks, encourage research and development collaboration, and expand market access,” highlighted Mr. Asim Rauf, CEO of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP).
Asim Rauf, who attended the conference in Suzhou on September 25 as a VIP guest, delivered a keynote address highlighting Pakistan’s commitment to promoting pharmaceutical development and regulation. In his address, he stressed the significance of cooperation among SCO member states in ensuring drug safety and advancing research and development in the pharmaceutical sector.
With the world facing unprecedented challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for collaboration and partnership in the pharmaceutical sector has become even more critical. Pakistan and other SCO members are committed to working together to ensure the availability of essential medicines, strengthen health systems and improve the overall well-being of their populations.
The CEO took the opportunity to share Pakistan’s achievements in pharmaceutical regulation, highlighting the steps taken by DRAP to streamline the drug approval process, enhance quality control measures and promote transparency in the pharmaceutical...

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