Uniswap Seeks On-Chain Approval for New $62 Million Development Fund

The popular decentralized exchange, Uniswap, is requesting an on-chain approval for a $62 million funding boost for its developing arm, the Uniswap Foundation. This latest funding request comes as the second part of a previously earmarked $74 million funding initiative. Set to happen on October 4, this proposed on-chain vote will determine if the Uniswap Foundation can access the remaining $62 million. An additional 10% has been set aside to account for any unforeseen price fluctuations. The primary use for this fund, if greenlit, will be for ongoing operations and to provide research...

source: https://tokenpost.com/Uniswap-Seeks-On-Chain-Approval-for-New-62-Million-Development-Fund-10746

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