ZTX Introduces Virtual Labor in Upcoming Beta

Collecting materials, harvesting, and crafting set to become key experiences in updated version of the Web3 metaverse platform

Singapore, Singapore, Sept. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

ZTX, the pioneering Web3 virtual world and creator platform, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated beta version two, scheduled for the first half of October. The focus of this build will center on a digital version of manual labor that rewards users in digital incentives.

In the updated version, users will be able to collect various types of materials, harvest, and combine them to craft numerous types of items for their real estate. Such labor could be monetized on the secondary market via diverse NFT platforms, and will be indicative of the type of virtual labor that ZTX seeks to enable for its users in the long term.

There are numerous benefits to this novel strategic direction. First, it significantly improves in-game engagement, immersion, and interactivity since players will be able to enjoy the responsiveness and design of the actions of their digital avatars. Second, players will be able to flex their creative muscles by combining harvested resources and crafting the most unique and attractive items possible to produce one-of-a-kind virtual real estate properties. Finally, players will be able to generate income from their labors by trading or selling their hard-earned items and resources for real income. They will also be able to create communities and build a following thanks to the free, open, and collaborative design of the platform.

Alexx, who leads creative direction and innovation at ZTX said: We always meant for this platform to serve as a way for users to monetize while being creative. Step by step, we are implementing measures to embrace more UGC creativity, and we will make sure that activities ranging from chopping virtual trees to decorating virtual clothing and buildings can all lead to recognition of creators with financial payouts.”

Building traction and maintaining retention have been challenges for virtual worlds and metaverse platforms. ZTX focuses on the player, and the new harvesting and manual labor capabilities add a new dimension to the company’s offerings. Harvesting is different from fantasy actions and users can deeply relate to it. Moreover, they can monetize their work, creativity, and efforts.

The upcoming beta’s exact launch date will be shared through ZTX’s official X account, and participants of the beta will be rewarded with incentives in ZTX’s upcoming token launch in Q4 of this year.

As the ZTX team continues to work on new in-game capabilities, experiences, and functions for their players, the platform will also continue growing its user base and setting the standards of usability, interactivity, and enjoyment for virtual worlds across the board.

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