Google October Core Update Big Weekend Volatility - Search Engine Roundtable

We are seeing high levels of volatility and SEO industry chatter over the weekend, starting late Friday, October 13th, through Saturday and Sunday. I suspect this is from the Google October 2023 core update and maybe some movement from the Google October 2023 spam update, but less from the spam update.

This is the second time we have seen a lot of Google search ranking algorithm volatility since the launch of these two algorithm updates. The first one started around October 10th and lasted a couple of days. Keep in mind the core update started to roll out on October 5, 2023, at around 12 pm ET. And we saw big ranking volatility on the 10th and then again the 14th, plus or minus a few days.

The comments on my last post are insane, with over 650 comments, many telling super upsetting and sad stories about online businesses being destroyed due to this update. Reading some of the comments can be unsettling, so just be warned.

I should add that I see a lot of complaints about copy sites, and scrapers outranking their original content. Sadly this happens when an algorithm update determines the original site is not quality enough, you will have other sites, even sites that steal your content, outrank you. Google even confirmed it.

Let me share was we are seeing from this weekend's Google search ranking movement.

Google Tracking Tools:

The tracking tools are now mostly all showing a lot of volatility compared to what it has been recently showing. Here are what the tools are...

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