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The development comes as the WHO warns there are only '24 hours of water, electricity and fuel left' in the Gaza Strip
Convoys carrying aid are stuck at Rafah border crossing with Egypt since Israel laid siege to Gaza a day after Hamas attack
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has decided to immediately dispatch humanitarian relief assistance to Gaza to alleviate the suffering of besieged Palestinian brothers and sisters, the Pakistani foreign ministry said on Monday, as Israel continued its airstrikes on the crowded enclave.
The development came as the World Health Organization warned there were only “24 hours of water, electricity and fuel left” in the Gaza Strip before “a real catastrophe” sets in.
Convoys carrying aid have been stuck at the Rafah border crossing with Egypt since Israel laid siege to the Gaza City and began relentlessly bombing the territory, following an October 7 attack by Hamas.
The Pakistani foreign ministry said the already oppressed people of Gaza were in urgent need of humanitarian assistance in the wake of indiscriminate Israeli aggression and siege.
“The [Pakistani] Government is coordinating with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, relevant UN agencies, the Government of Egypt and Pakistan Missions abroad to finalize modalities of delivery,” it said in a statement.
Earlier in the day, Pakistan’s caretaker foreign minister, Jalil Abbas Jilani, discussed with his Iranian counterpart Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and the two agreed on “urgent steps” for the...

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