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In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, keeping up with the trends requires a deep understanding of technology, tools, as well as audiences. During their recent trip to India, ETBrand Equity had the opportunity to catch up with Neil Patel, entrepreneur, marketing guru and founder of the agency Neil Patel Digital and Pradeep Kumaar - the CEO of Neil Patel Digital India. The conversation took us through fascinating topics relating to generative AI, search engine optimisation, omnichannel marketing strategies, and common affiliate marketing mistakes.

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Can you tell me how you think generative AI can be leveraged to create more SEO friendly engaging content. Can large language models like ChatGPT really be trained on that front?

NP: It can, but search engines don't want AI to create your content. ChatGPT's index is from September 2021. Even GPT-4 is still from September 2021.

(Note: OpenAI is testing a feature called Browse with Bing that allows a user to browse the internet for current information using GPT-4, but this feature is only available for premium users)

Instead, search engines want the site to have manually written content. ChatGPT type of content is essentially regurgitated information that's already similar to the existing web content. They want something that's new and fresh and exciting. The only way you can do that is to manually create the content from scratch. There's nothing wrong with leveraging AI,...

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