What's next for Pakistan's oldest startup veteran? - Profit by Pakistan Today

What does the average startup founder look like in Pakistan? Young, motivated, preferably educated in the United States, disruptive (a word used to death across the globe by now), and committed to the cause of solving problems.
Monis Rahman fits this description perfectly. The only difference between him and the many young men and women that are making their mark in the startup ecosystem is that he has been doing this for much longer. In fact Monis’ first entry to Pakistan as a startup founder was more than two decades ago in 2003.
In this time Monis has launched multiple successful and unsuccessful startups. He made his mark with the online employment portal called Rozee, which was the first Pakistani startup to receive VC funding. And now, at the age of 53, he is set to embark on his next venture.
Dukan, Monis’ latest foray, was born out of the Covid crisis and is a digital commerce, payments, and lending ecosystem geared towards the country’s five million micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The aim is to connect these businesses and provide them with supply chain solutions.
Now, after going through layoffs and the funding slowdown of last year, Dukan is going in a different direction. To hear Monis speak of it, this new venture might be something that has possibly never been done before in the world and never before in Pakistan. In partnership with easypaisa, Dukan is powering a one-stop solution for Pakistan’s micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The...

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