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Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., held its third quarter 2023 earnings call, offering insights into how its major products and services are performing.

Specifically, the earnings call transcript reveals how Alphabet’s investments in AI and new generative search capabilities positively impact its business, with implications for marketers and advertisers.

Search Ads

Google Search ads remain Alphabet’s most significant revenue driver, with Search and other ad revenues up 11% year-over-year to $44 billion.

Growth was led by the retail sector, where AI-powered solutions like Performance Max optimize ad campaigns across Google properties and are helping retailers drive conversions and ROI.

For the holiday season, Google will provide retail marketers with planning tools and insights to capture seasonal shopper demand.

It will also boost the number of deals in Search to connect users with relevant promotions.

New ad formats powered by generative AI will create customized, high-quality ads for every step of the search journey.

Overall, marketers are embracing AI-powered Search ad products, with nearly 80% already using at least one.

Video Ads

YouTube advertising revenues grew 12% year-over-year to $8...

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