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IN the world of search engine optimisation there is an old joke about the best place to hide a dead body.

The answer, of course, is on page two of Google search results, because no-one will ever look there.

It is a truth that is all too clear to any business which wants to attract traffic to its website and a whole industry of SEO consultancy has grown on the back of it.

In Cumbria, one of the exponents of search engine sorcery is Tim Marston, who runs South Lakes SEO, in Kendal.

Originally from West Cumbria, Tim first came across the power of SEO in his former life as an award-winning and internationally recognised fire juggler.

“I ranked first in search results for fire juggling at that time in the UK," he said. "But I realised that most non-industry people called me a fire eater, whether I did it or not.

"I re-optimised my site for searches for fire eaters and I shot up the rankings. That’s the difference that getting it right makes.”

This realisation set Tim on the path to become an SEO consultant, working with companies all over the country, including well-known names such as Whitakers Chocolates in Skipton. He says any business that wants to boost its way up the rankings needs to begin by doing some keyword research.

"Keyword research is the process of finding out the words and phrases that people put into Google when they are looking for the product, service or information that you are trying to put in front of them," said Tim.

“There's two traps. One is industry...

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