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Google announced that its mobile-first indexing "trek" is now "complete." Which is strange to me being that Google said it was done moving sites to mobile-first indexing last May but hey, now it is really done and it only took just under seven-years to complete.

John Mueller, Search Advocate, and Nir Kalush, Search Console wrote, "It's been a long road, getting from there to here. We're delighted to announce that the trek to Mobile First Indexing is now complete."

Also, with this announcement, Google is removing the indexing crawler information in the settings page in Search Console. That is the section in the about box that tells you when you switched over to mobile-first indexing, over here:

I should note, that there was a bug with the indexing crawler status for some sites where it currently shows a site being indexed using the desktop crawler when it is being indexed using the mobile crawler. I guess there is no need for Google to fix that bug if they will remove that feature. But as I said in that original story, most won't really know if they switched over to mobile-first indexing (just assume you did I guess).

Google also said:

  • A "very small set of sites" do not work at all on mobile devices.
  • These sites simply don't load at all on mobile devices
  • Google can't do anything to get them to be indexed by mobile-first indexing
  • Google will continue to try to crawl these sites with its legacy desktop Googlebot crawler
  • Google will re-evaluate the list a few times a year
  • ...

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