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SAVE $100: As of Nov. 1, you can score a Google Pixel tablet with a charging speaker dock for just $399 at Amazon. That's a 20% discount and $100 off the listing price — and its lowest price ever.

Google Pixel tablet with charging speaker dock

$399 at Amazon (save $100)

You don't have to wait until Black Friday to save on electronics. Amazon is already offering some pretty sweet deals on laptops, tablets, and more, including a generous discount on Google's latest Pixel tablet.

As of Nov. 1, you can snag a Google Pixel tablet at Amazon for just $399. That's $100 off the original listing price or a 20% discount. It's also the lowest price ever for this particular tablet model (yes, it's lower now than it was on Prime Day 2). Best Buy and Target are also offering the same $100 discount on the Google Pixel tablet, so you have multiple options to grab this great deal.

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Whether you're a student, a professional, or you need a new tablet for scrolling and streaming, the Google Pixel tablet is definitely worth considering. It has a high-resolution, 11-inch screen with vibrant colors and sharp details and an extra-long battery life that can last up to 11 hours. Plus, the (included) speaker dock that doubles as a speaker and a charging station is a great bonus.

"I hardly ever ripped the tablet off the dock," writes Mashable tech and games reporter Alex Perry, who gave this tablet a 4/5 rating. "The...

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