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Google has released its November 2023 core update, the company announced today.

The update is rolling out and expected to be fully implemented over the next few weeks.

Core updates are periodic adjustments to the algorithms that power Google’s search results. They’re designed to improve the relevance and quality of the web pages shown for search queries.

“We have different systems that are considered core to our ranking process; this month’s core update involves an improvement to a different core system than last month,” Google said in a statement. “However, our guidance about core updates is the same for both.”

One Month Since Last Google Core Update

This latest core update comes on the heels of Google’s October 2023 core update, released last month. While core updates typically happen every one to two months, it’s rare for two major updates to be released so close together.

Google suggests that most website owners don’t need to make significant changes in response to core updates.

“Chances are, there’s nothing to do for most creators who have already been working to create helpful, reliable, people-first content,” the company said.

However, Google recommends reviewing its core update...

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