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The SEO community was in a buzz yesterday when The Verge published an entertaining, detailed, and long piece titled Did SEO experts ruin the Internet or did Google? The short answer is no, SEOs didn't ruin the Internet, Google did not ruin the Internet, and the Internet is not ruined. But the article and author said otherwise.

I was hoping not to cover it but I cover what the SEO community is buzzing about and oh boy was there a lot of buzzing yesterday, so much so that I cannot include all that buzz in this story.

It is a super long read but in short, what the author, Amanda Chicago Lewis, did was go with a the premise that the Internet and the Google search results are worse today than they were 10 or 20 years ago and she tried to figure out why that is the case.

I've been reporting on search for 19 years and 11 months (a month from today is my 20 year anniversary of covering search) and I will say these things in reaction to this story:

  • Search is way better than it was in 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015 an even 2020
  • The changes Google makes to search not only drive better search quality, in general (not always - there are plenty of examples where Google gets it wrong)
  • The changes also push publishers (site owners) to build better sites; better content, faster sites, more secure sites, etc
  • The stories told in the story are about the early days of SEO
  • The early days of SEO were like the wild west and Google was super easy to manipulate
  • SEO conferences no longer have crazy...

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